Brown Bear watching Experience, Brasov

A borderland of European’s civilization, due to its unique position Romania has managed to keep its old traditions, legends and more important its wild nature.

Although it’s one of last untouched regions in Europe, when it comes to holidays in Romania most tourists don’t even consider to go on a wildlife tour and thus waste the opportunity to see some impressive native animals and birdlife in their natural habitats.

The area’s forests are known as bear country and home to the wild Carpathian brown bear. Around 5,000 of these animals are believed to live in the dense forests, hills and mountain meadows, alongside other wildlife including lynx, wild boar, wolves and deer. As you travel, gain fascinating insights into the brown bears, hearing how they can grow to enormous sizes, with some males reaching up to 770 pounds (350 kgs).

Learn about their lives in the wild, and how their sharp sense of smell is vital in ensuring their survival. On arrival, your forest ranger will escort you to one of the numerous, specially designed bear hides in a restricted area of the forest. After a safety briefing, set off with the experienced ranger, following a wooded path to the secure and camouflaged hide. After roughly 20 minutes, arrive at the hide and settle in to watch for bears. Stay quiet and enjoy ample time to look for these magnificent animals. There’s around an 80% chance of sightings, and you may be lucky enough to observe everything from large males lumbering through the trees to females playing with their cubs: it’s an unforgettable experience to see them roam free in their natural habitat. Snap photos and watch for other wildlife such as boar, roe and red deer, and the game birds known to live here. When your viewing time is up, walk back through the forest accompanied by the ranger and reconvene with your driver-guide. Your experience then ends with drop-off in central Brașov. Please note: The forest ranger accompanying you in the forest may carry a handgun for your protection in extreme situations.

  • Travel to the forests of the Carpathian Mountains to see Carpathian brown bears in the wild
  • Watch for bears and cubs in the woodlands from a secure hide Spot other wildlife, such as deer, lynx, wild boar and game birds
  • Be escorted to and from your hide by an experienced forest ranger
  • 3-hour bear-watching experience from Brașov
  • Watch for bears and cubs in the woodlands from a secure hide Spot other wildlife, such as deer, lynx, wild boar and game birds

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