All you need to do is sit back and relax. A fun way to experience, feel and enjoy Romania is by taking a bus tour, which will take you to a variety of unique locations. With a bus tour you can enjoy discovering the small villages of Transylvania or Moldova as well as feel the vibes of Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj or Sibiu.

A coach tour may last anything from a couple of hours to two weeks or more. We love our country and we are delighted to guide you all over the place, especially because Romania is packed with well-preserved history, cultural iconic landmarks and beautiful landscapes that make it a fantastic travel destination.

Besides all that, Romania is in Europe, close to other important destinations filled with adventures for every age and pocket! Our Europe combo-tours are convenient and can be personalised to the needs and requests of your group!

When time is limited, the budget is strict and you love to see and travel more in Europe our bus tours are everything you need.We can customise any bus tour order to meet your needs! Experience Central and Eastern Europe with Fix!

When you just have to get away…
let us take you there

A bus trip with Fix Travel is a safe, sociable and environmentally friendly way to travel. Coach tours appeal to groups, couples, singles and families no matter the age of the participants.

Our team is here to support you and always very happy to help you find your ideal bus tour that fits your dates, interests and budget.

Guided tours will make the best use of your vacation time and you will see more than you ever would have had on your own. You will marvel at the sights and the knowledge of our expert guides and tour directors who will both inform and entertain you.

  • Product Development
  • Value For Money Itineraries
  • Thematic Tours
  • Careful Local Guide Selection
  • Booking Management
  • Airport Assistance
  • Authentic Experiences
Product Development
As group tour professionals we take care of all the elements with which you will come in contact at a certain destination: attractions, activities, accommodation, facilities etc. Our bus tours are rigorously planned and personalised according to your group wishes.
Value For Money Itineraries
The itineraries of our bus tours and for our group trips in general are customised to suit the budget and the group’s interests. We have prepared a selection of tours that allow you to see and experience more.
Romania, as well as other countries in Central and Eastern Europe are more affordable than others, but without local knowledge, the same destination and attractions can become from budget friendly destination to expensive ones.
Thematic Tours
Thematic tours are private group tours which uncover specific topics of one or more travel destinations. A thematic tour can take place in a single city, during one day or it can cover more cities and countries and it can take several days.
At Fix Travel we prepare fully customised itineraries for your group: “From dusk till dawn” (a theme tour for party lovers uncovering the vibrant Bucharest nightlife), “A weekend on water” (a theme tour for nature and wildlife lovers, passionate about fishing taking place in the Danube Delta), “Bucharest versus Budapest” (a thematic combo tour to discover to cities, two culture and two countries) and many more.  Get inspired by our suggestions!
Careful Local Guide Selection
A group guided experience offers a safer, better experience, especially when travelling to places where locals don’t speak  English and even ordering food or asking for directions can become challenging. Our local guides were rigorously selected and have great communication skills as well as deep knowledge of the area, so you can enjoy comfort, while getting the most of your trip.
Booking Management
Searching for suitable accommodation for groups is time-consuming and sometimes a frustrating process. This is why a DMC company like Fix Travel is the best option. We take care of every single step, from planning, to research and reservation management.
Airport Assistance
Your group is always handled with care with Fix Travel. We assure a safe, secure and comfortable travel, assisting the different needs of your group
Authentic Experiences
We believe that the best travel experiences are the local, real, sharable experiences. Romania has become an important travel destination due to its authenticity, also remarked by HRH Prince of Wales, one of its most famous fans. Taste its nature, its culture and its authenticity in your own way. Contact our team to help you design the ideal travel program for your group!

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