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Group travel with Fix is more than fun, it’s group fun ! The size of your group doesn’t matter: we give our best to small groups and big groups alike, we create unforgettable travel experiences at some of the most competitive rates on the market.

Are you ready to live and create fun memories with your family friends, team-mates or colleagues? Because group travel means better rates, saving time and spending quality time with the right people.

We understand your group’s different needs and we are here to help you have a stress-free trip. Planning a big trip or an incentive group can be stressful, especially when you’re traveling to a place where you don’t speak the language. FIX makes group travel fun and easy!

We are experienced in delivering tailored and fully personalised services for groups, incentive and corporate travel. We considers all the aspects, we take into account the different requests, needs and budgets to offer one of the kind travel experiences.

As we have a broad network of suppliers not only in Romania, but also in Eastern Europe, we create programs that exceed your expectations but stay within your budget!

Excellence, flexibility and no compromise.

For any group we offer a wide selection of tours, combining a creative and authentic approach for our travel programs, without accepting any compromise. See, taste, ask, enjoy and be part of it! There’s much to get excited about when you’re traveling with experts.

  • Tailor-Made Tours
  • Thematic Tours
  • Religious Programs
  • Quality Control
  • Careful Local Guide Selection
  • Booking Management
  • Airport Assistance
  • Authentic Experiences
Tailor-Made Tours
We all are different and even within homogeneous groups there are different needs, preferences and requests. This is we take into account every single detail to create the perfect plan that fits all your group requirements. You will decide when, where and how you will travel, but our team of experts will give advice and aid you craft the ideal group trip and provide a quote that matches your preferences.
Romania is a country full of travel possibilities and at close distance from other attractive group destinations, as Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia. Group travel options are infinite!
Thematic Tours
Thematic tours are private group tours which uncover specific topics of one or more travel destinations. A thematic tour can take place in a single city, during one day or it can cover more cities and countries and it can take several days. At Fix Travel  we prepare fully customised itineraries for your group: “From dusk till dawn” (a theme tour for party lovers uncovering the vibrant Bucharest nightlife), “A weekend on water” (a theme tour for nature and wildlife lovers, passionate about fishing taking place in the Danube Delta), “Bucharest versus Budapest” (a thematic combo tour to discover to cities, two culture and two countries) and many more.  Get inspired by our suggestions!
Religious Programs
Religious tours and spiritual travel are not something new in Romania or Eastern Europe, which have so many important pilgrimage sites for Orthodoxy, Catholicism and even custom Jewish tours. More and more people are integrating their travel experiences with a more significant, spiritual meaning discovering holy places. Romania owns some of the most beautiful painted monasteries in Europe, old wood churches, fortified churches and a living spiritual life.
Careful Local Guide Selection
A group guided experience offers a safer, better experience, especially when travelling to places where locals don’t speak  English and even ordering food or asking for directions can become challenging. Our local guides were rigorously selected and have great communication skills as well as deep knowledge of the area, so you can enjoy comfort, while getting the most of your trip.
Booking Management
Searching for suitable accommodation for groups is time-consuming and sometimes a frustrating process. This is why a DMC company like Fix Travel is the best option. We take care of every single step, from planning, to research and reservation management.
Airport Assistance
Your group is always handled with care with Fix Travel. We assure a safe, secure and comfortable travel, assisting the different needs of your group.
Authentic Experiences
We believe that the best travel experiences are the local, real, sharable experiences. Romania has become an important travel destination due to its authenticity, also remarked by HRH Prince of Wales, one of its most famous fans. Taste its nature, its culture and its authenticity in your own way. Contact our team to help you design the ideal travel program for your group!

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