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Affordable, group welcoming and never-failing to deliver, Romania has recently become a perfect meetings and incentive travel destination.

Its proximity to other European destinations, its generous venue offers in different kind of landscapes and its amazing rates helped a lot in building the enthusiasm among planners all over the world to consider Romania as a great destination for meetings, conferences different corporate events and any sort of incentive travel.

As a Romanian destination management company, we are here to help you before, during and after your event! We are specialists not only in making the event look good, but making your company look better!

The goals for your next event are clear: revenue growth, new insights and remarkable experiences. We know that each and every event is unrepeatable, therefore everything must go perfect in planning, preparing and during the event.

Incentive travel is one of the most motivating rewards an employee or business partner can ever get and studies has shown that done right, it can boost employee loyalty and increase productivity and sales. Having this mind, as an incentive travel company we are trying to make everything perfect.

At Fix Travel we use innovative design, flawless execution, leading – edge technology solutions and a permanent positive and calm attitude to reach the most ambitious goals.

Our corporate travel specialists and designers are the ones in charge with delivering the best solutions and authentic programs. No matter what, our clients always come first and we’re always oriented to satisfying our client’s needs. Our team is your next partner in organising and designing your next Incentive Trip to Romania.

  • Incentive Programs
  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Local Guides
  • Translation Services
  • Transportation
  • AV Services & Entertainment
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Incentive Programs

In order to be effective, an incentive program should be customised. A thoughtfully designed incentive travel program for your group is not only an excellent way to show your appreciation, but also a way to place your company in an advantageous position. Our incentive programs are carefully designed to perfectly fit your organisational vision and goals and to pamper your employees and business partners.

Meetings & Conferences

Fix Travel offers services for meetings, conferences, trade shows, corporate dinners, gala events and more. The key to the success of your event is to find everything in place, starting with the arranging of the accommodation, airfares and transportation of the participants to the event and ending with organising the event itself. Leave all your travel and event arrangements to Fix Travel and enjoy your trip.

Local Guides

Incentive travel is not only about enjoying new destinations, but more about quality time spent between the participants. Our local guides are trained to ease communication and to engage interaction within your group while providing support for all the needs the group participants might have. We make sure your company’s guests enjoy the incentive program designed for them.

Translation Services

Incentive travel can go wrong if you choose a destination where the language barriers are difficult to trespass. Travel without worries with Fix Travel. We ensure translation services for your incentive programs that fit your budget.


Air and ground transportation between airports, hotels and venues, between different cities and countries can become overwhelming for a non professional. We can fix all the details, from airport transfers to finding the local viable options for excursions and tours and full logistic services.

AV Services & Entertainment

There is no batter way to start, to point out or to finish an incentive travel program, meeting or conference without having a tailored entertainment program and quality audio-visual services. The proper light, perfect sound and the right type of entertainment for your event have a direct impact on its outcome. Contact our team and we’ll start drafting your company incentives!

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