In any organisation, the importance of team work is overwhelming. Good, practical team work is sometimes hard to create in ever changing teams and organisations.

Over the years, the ways in which people work has changed dramatically and nowadays a connected connected workplace means that employees need to work together as a team and not as individuals or competitors.

The goal of a team building program is not only team bonding or employee socialising, but strengthening the cohesion between team members and increasing the efficiency of their work, which will most probably result in better financial results of the company.

We are a young team with a great energy. We are specialised in creating great and unique programs for your company’s team. We are not limited to Romania, so we can create memorable team buildings anywhere in the world.

Teams represents the core power of your organisation and can help you to use the maximum potential of every individual within the team. Don’t waste time and BOOK your Team Building! Let’s create memories!

We live it. We love it. We know it.

We have a dedicated and experienced team ready to help you reach your goals by creating a team building designed especially for your employees, for your company.

All our team building programs are developed to facilitate and encourage teamwork and networking within your group and to reinforce your employees’ loyalty to your organisation throughout the whole experience.

Through a successful team building activity, all the participants get to know each other, communicate freely and more efficiently and in this way we build the mutual trust within the team. All this by having so much fun!

We create personalised team building programs in which participants can operate in teams, in a fun and interactive environment, while still experiencing the destination. Our team is your next partner in organising and designing your next team building!

  • Needs Assessment
  • Outdoor & Indoor Creative
    and Out-of-the-box Programs
  • Customized Programs
  • Follow-up Programs
  • AV Services & Entertainment
  • Transportation
Needs Assessment

Any team building program needs a thorough analysis. This is why at Fix we custom build your team building program and activities. One size does not fit all and we can determine which program is the most suitable for your organisation.

A successful team building activity will help you and your team narrow the gap between the way things are and what you think it should be. No matter the program, the objectives are the same: better results and better performance. Our needs assessment process can help your organisation: we build organised game plans to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Outdoor & Indoor Creative and Out-of-the-box Programs

Our team building programs can happen indoor, outdoors or they can be a combination of creative indoor and challenging outdoor: interactive, adventurous, creative and out-of-the-box activities which will engage every member of your team. Contact us and let us take care of your team building program, no matter the size of your team or your budget.

Customised Programs

Our innovative team building programs are 100% tailored to the specific needs of your company and of course, your team. We can help you clarify your team building objectives and create a customised program for your team. Contact us and let’s talk details!

Follow-up Programs

A follow-up is a must on any lesson learned. Even perfect team building activities don’t always guarantee results, so this is why a follow-up program will reemphasise and evaluate your team’ progress.

A team-building exercise does not have alone the capacity to become a single dose that cure-alls, but it is first step towards success. To help measure its impact and continue driving towards better results, our professional consultants can help your company by providing the necessary tools to implement the feedback and an ongoing measurement system.

AV Services & Entertainment

It is extremely difficult to communicate with your team without having a tailored entertainment program and quality audio-visual services. The proper light, perfect sound and the right type of entertainment for your event have a direct impact on its outcome. Contact our team and we’ll start drafting your company’s next team building program!


Air and ground transportation between airports, hotels and venues, between different cities and countries can become overwhelming for a non professional. We can fix all the details, from airport transfers to finding the local viable options for excursions and tours and full logistic services.

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