As a DMC and PCO based in Bucharest, Romania our solutions will bring your event to life, whether you’re organising a half-day, full-day or five-day conference or congress.

As a destination management company, Fix Travel can cover your needs not only Romania, but also in different destinations from Eastern and Central Europe. We’ll make sure your conference is more than just a talking point, but an experience for all attendees, one they will never forget. To organise a conference from A to Z it takes experience, energy, a lot of enthusiasm, knowledge and a very good address book… FIX has it all.

We take care of everything in a professional manner no matter the size of your event, congress, meeting or convention with efficiency, financial responsibility and above all, a good management. We can offer full PCO services freeing you from all the organisational, logistic and operational tasks.

Planning a conference, an event or a convention? Let’s get started.

Whether it’s a small intimate event for few participants, medium event for few hundred or large event for few thousand attendees, you’ll need the best in the PCO field when it comes to bringing people together. Our proven experience and expertise transforms any event in a professional outcome.

At Fix, we understand and have a deep knowledge of the international meetings industry, its demands, the way it’s changing, as well as the new trends. This is why we can integrate all the above into the organisation of your event without altering its mission and vision.

No matter the budget, size, sector, or destination, we work together to deliver an event that leaves stakeholders smiling and attendees inspired. We always deliver excellent value for money and our role is to maximise our client’s profit.

  • Project Management
  • Concept Development
  • Accommodation Services
  • On Site Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Translation Services
  • AV Services & Entertainment
Project Management
When it comes to organising conferences or events you should always choose a professional company with proven experience and dedication in planning and hosting similar events. Your project is ours, therefore we provide better standards than you set for your events. We will find the way to provide better services and manage the whole project within your budget.
Concept Development
We are known for delivering and implementing creative and out-of-the-box concepts into our events, but we always take into consideration the fact that for an event to be successful it requires a clear and strong concept aligned with the event’s objectives, rigorous planning and meeting the needs of the target market, as well as other relevant stakeholders. Concept development is our speciality and one of the reasons our customers keep hire us as their professional event planner.
Accommodation Services
We understand how the booking reservation works, we have a huge network of hotels in our database so we can help you save time and control your costs. Choosing the right accommodation is one of the most important aspects especially for an event. Finding the best deal managing the room bookings and manage the payments on behalf of your attendees can quickly  become one of the most time consuming activities This is why you have our team from Fix: to save time and money!
On Site Assistance
Each and every single event we support always includes one or more dedicate event management professionals from our team on-site to fully support your team making sure everything is on place and keeping things running smoothly.
Air and ground transportation between airports, hotels and venues, between different cities and countries can become overwhelming for a non professional. We can fix all the details, from airport transfers to transfers from the hotels to the conference venue, to finding the local viable options for excursions, tours. In three words: full logistic services.
Translation Services
Organising an event in another country can become more difficult when there are language barriers difficult to trespass. Travel without worries with Fix Travel. We ensure translation services to support your event, which fit your budget.
AV Services & Entertainment
There is no batter way to start, to point out or to finish an incentive travel program, meeting or conference without having a tailored entertainment program and quality audio-visual services. The proper light, perfect sound and the right type of entertainment for your event have a direct impact on its outcome. Contact our team and we’ll start drafting your company incentives!

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