F1 - Grand Prix of Monaco / Monte Carlo

Grand Prix of Monaco. The circuit “Circuit de Monaco” around the time-honoured casino is a temporary race track in the districts of Monte Carlo and La Condamine. For the Formula 1 race, every year numerous streets in the city are closed off and freed of traffic signs and flower pots. The pit lane, guardrails, fences and extensive grandstand systems complete the 3.34 km long racetrack. Since Monaco has only an area of ​​almost 2 km², the race track leads almost through the entire urban area. As a street circuit, the course offers no run-off zones and is therefore one of the most dangerous circuits of the Formula 1 calendar. Driver and car, come here under considerable pressure: In 1996, only three cars reached the finish! But just because Monaco demands so much, the races are so memorable.

The Formula 1 events take place on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (on Thursdays the seats are not numbered). Friday there will be a GP2 race (subject to change). The journey by train from Nice to Monte Carlo takes about 25 minutes. Depending on the location, the hotels in Nice are about 10-20 minutes walk from the train station. From the Monte Carlo train station you can reach the stands in 15-20 minutes. The distance from Nice to the racetrack in Monaco is about 22 km.

Tribune O: The grandstand faces the swimming pool and is also located at the bottom of the harbor. In addition to the racetrack, you’ll also see some of Monaco’s biggest yachts.

Standing room Rocher: These standing places are on the slope, direction Fuerstenpalast. Depending on the position you have a good view of the tobacco curve, swimming pool curve or the chicane at the end of the tunnel, as well as the Rascasse.

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