Harmonie - Tree House Experience

Such an unique experience, your leisure time in a tree house! This will be a perfect Leisure location, the best place for a perfect getaway. Visit Romania, because it has a lot to offer, and here you can find o lot of activities – leisure activities for every season of the year.

HARMONIE –  is an exception in the everyday life, it is a small world on its own, focusing on nature, simplicity, and well-being, which changes color with the seasons. Reinventing man in and to nature.

Harmonie – is a complex composed of villas and houses in a tree, with an exceptional panorama to Bucegi Mountains, Piatra Craiului Mt. And Paraul Rece, in a quiet setting, near the forest.

Harmony is a dream destination, and Houses in the Tree and the Observatory make a child’s dream come true. Organic buildings in NATURAL HARMONY of warm wood and natural stone surround you at every step.

The complex consists of 5 ecological villas in the log, 3 Houses in the Tree and the Observatory, each with a unique design, with an airy space both inside and out, enjoying all the comfort, very intimate, romantic, making you really feel in nature. The villas impress by combining classical, modern, rustic styles, leaving an unforgettable impression both in a dream setting and in a nature-inspired design, very simple.

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