Kayak in the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is the largest wetland in Europe and one of the most spectacular natural reservation of the old continent Over 300 species of birds, 45 species of freshwater fish and the last population of wild horses in Europe are waiting to be seen from the water for 8 months per year.


Day 1: Tulcea – the Sontea Canal – Fool (Nebunul) Lake 
The Departure is by boat or motor boat from Tulcea. It is recommended this option rather direct kayak departure, because on the main canals big boats circulates and make it very difficult for the ones in the kayak. The accommodation can be done in a tent on the Sontea canal, at one of the locals living in the area. We advise to try both the fish soup (fish borsch) and the fried fresh fish. It will certainly be very different from what you’ve tasted in restaurants.  From the Sontea canal we will visit Fool Lake. Usually here are many, many wild ducks, pelicans and swans. The Fool Lake is part of the Sontea-Fortuna lake complex. It was placed under the protection because it is a space suitable for the fish species from the small lakes with reduced depth reproduction. Add to this the good nesting conditions for various species of ducks and other water birds throughout the summer months. Another alternative for this day trip is Lake Mester. When we will return we will watch the sunset from the kayak. We guarantee a wonderful view.

Day 2: the Sontea Canal – the Baclanestii Mari Lake – the Vacarul Lake – the Ligheanca Lake – Mila 23 Village.

We load the luggage and start paddling. The distance traveled this day is the longest – 19.6km. On the way, we paddle on both the narrow, cut by reeds canals, or larger canals. You will certainly see yellow water lilies (which are quite common) and white water lilies. The white and yellow water lilies are considered symbols of the Danube Delta. The White water lilies’ flowers can be seen between June and September. The white water lilies, sometimes alongside the yellow ones, frame the lakes, canals and larger streams. Besides traversing the canals we will have to cross two large lakes: The Baclanestii Mari Lake and the Vacarul Lake. Try not to make big noise because this way you increase your chances to see birds. Arriving near the village Mile 23, we will put the tent on one of the strips of land nearby, then we can go and see the village.

Day 3: Mila 23 Village – the Ligheanca Lake – the Vacaru Lake – the Sontea Canal-the Fortuna Lake.

The Distance traveled this day is 9km. On start-up we will cross again the Ligheanca Lake the Vacaru Lake, part of the route is common with the previous day. The place to sleep is near the Fortuna Lake. The fact that you have a short day in terms of paddling remains more time for fishing or relaxing.

Day 4: the Fortuna Lake – the Radacinos Lake – the Papadia Noua Lake – the Sontea Canal. The traveled distance – 13,5 km. We begin by crossing the Fortuna Lake, the largest lake in surface area, 977 hectares. At the exit from the Fortuna Lake we go through a small canal into the Radacinos lake. Being a shallow lake and plenty of vegetation we will certainly see more birds here. We continue to paddle towards the Papadia Noua canal and the towards the Sontea canal. The boat can take you from the same place where you left at the beginning of the trip.

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