Romania - Guided Bike Tours

Think of Romania as being a diamond which is waiting for you to polish it! To a bike tourist, this the most beautiful gem of all, the most surprising and exciting place to ride on two wheels. With its immensely diverse landscapes, rich culture, all kinds of amazing people, Romania is slowly and steadily luring the cyclist to experience the unforgettable adventures to be had…

On the bike, you feel the thrill of life. The pure one! The smell of the fresh reaped crops is delighting your nostrils, the wind is carefully cooling the sweat of your smiling face, while the embracing silence is disturbed only by the sound of your tires rolling on the asphalt. And then, in the evening, you find yourself glancing at the marvelous sunset-rosy Carpathians. And you breathe in, again, with all that your lungs can take.


  • Discover Romania’s heritage by bike
  • Cycle through rural villages and rich natural landscapes
  • Pedal along the foot of the Fagaras and Carpathian mountains, explore Bucharest by bike, fell Transfagarasan Epic Cycling Tour, discover Maramures, Transilvania, Brasov Area… and many other.

What’s included

  • All breakfasts, picnic lunches, and dinners included
  • All accommodation
  • All luggage transfers
  • Route notes and maps
  • Local bike hire

So, If you prefer cycling to walking, then you should try cycling through the picturesque countryside of rural Romania. This means enjoying breathtaking landscapes, visiting medieval villages, sleeping in small mountain villages and admiring the last wild corner of Europe!

Contact us either for one day adventure or for a group experience and you can customize any one of our handcrafted itineraries to make it all your own – private guide included!

Are you still not convinced to visit Romania? Check out our video about Romania, or contact us for more information if you want to travel to Romania!

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