Sibiu City Tour & Clay Castle visit

The tour will start with a visit at Clay Castle “Valley of Fairies” – a private project that has its beginnings in March 2014, which is based on the concept of “natural story house”. The project envelops the accommodation unit, the clay castle, the hotel restaurant, the souvenir shop, children’s playgrounds and many other tailor-made activities.

After visiting Clay Castle, we will continue with Sibiu City Tour – this tour gives you the best opportunity to see the most important sites in Sibiu, enjoying a panoramic city tour passing by important landmarks as: the Council Tower, Brukenthal Museum, the Liar’s Bridge, the Defence Towers and Wall, and many more.

Contact us either for one day adventure or for a group experience and you can customize any one of our handcrafted itineraries to make it all your own – private guide included!