Puf & Stuf, Danube Delta

Leisure time in Romania can be the best new thing for a perfect getaway. Visit Romania, because it has a lot to offer, and here are plenty of activities – leisure activities for every season of the year. The delta is a perfect destination for a birdwatching and bird photography tour as it represents the breeding ground for a variety of exotic birds who travel from Asia or Africa to lay their eggs from early spring until late in the autumn. The Danube delta is rich in wild animals like foxes, deers, raccoons, wild boar and wild horses. They are a common sight although there are stories about wolves and wild cates seen hiding in the Delta. The delta is also a great place for a kayak tour. Your group can freely explore  the watery labyrinth of lagoons, rivers, canals and lakes, sleep in idyllic guesthouses and enjoy the savoury local cuisine, based on different and inventive ways to cook fish.

Tourist guesthouse “PUF SI STUF”, classified as 5 daisies, one of the most modern guesthouses in the Danube Delta, consists of 3 buildings with a number of 11 double rooms and 3 suites, the accommodation capacity is 36 people.

The Danube Delta Delta is a unique place with over 1200 species of trees and plants, with the richest ornithological and
histological flora of the continent. In the Danube Delta there are over 300 bird species, including unique
pelican colonies and about 100 species of fish from which we mention the herring of the Danube and the sturgeons. The Danube Delta,
in Europe, is the largest reserve of wetlands, with an area of over 2,600 sq. Km. It was included in 1990 by UNESCO among biosphere reserves.

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