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Oradea DMC

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Go West? Go Oradea! Situated at only 10 km away from the Hungarian border, in the Western part of Romania, Oradea is the capital of Bihor County and the historical region of Crișana.

The classy and elegant city with a cosmopolitan vibe is one of the most important economic, social, prosperous and cultural centres of western Romania. Due to its rapid and consistent growth, Forbes Magazine called it one of the best cities in Romania and the right place for business development.

Set in the middle of a beautiful scenery, between hills, on the banks of Crisul Repede river, which almost splits the city in two, Oradea is a delight to the eyes with its mix of various architectural styles, featuring Art Nouveau (Oradea is the only city in Romania that is part of the Art Nouveau network, alongside Barcelona, Nancy, Vienna or Budapest), Baroque, Viennese and Hungarian Secession.

With its own international airport, rich in some major touristic attractions, with friendly people, high standard accommodation&dining facilities and great surroundings, Oradea is the destination for a city break or for a major corporate and team-building event.

DMC ORADEAThe city has a lively cultural and nightlife, with an emerging electronic music stage- which attracts many foreign and Romanian artists and an International Theatre Festival, FITO.

With such references, the city attracts many tourists who are looking for leisure and it also hosts numerous business trips, every year, all year round.

Our Romanian Fix travel experts will take you in a virtual trip in Oradea and its surroundings, presenting just a bit of the many things Oradea can offer to its visitors. Shall we?

The Union Square

The Old City Centre is the heart of the city, it has a profound European vibe and the highest concentration of historical buildings bringing together numerous architectural styles, and which, just recently, has been tastefully reconditioned.

Black Eagle Palace

Located in the Union Square and designed by Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezso in the secession style, the Black Eagle Palace, is one of Oradea’s most beautiful and important monuments. The architectural masterpiece delights the eye with plenty interior elements like ceilings, vaults, windows, doors, wainscots, railings, walls, columns, and a glass-covered passage, dominated by an eagle, the symbol of the building.

Oradea Romania TravelHere you can relax with a drink or enjoy a meal in one of the Palace’s many restaurants, boutiques, and coffee-shops.

The Moon Church

Build in the late-Baroque style with Classical elements and a strong indigenous, provincial influence, located in the South-East corner of Unirii Square, “The Moon Church” or “The Assumption of Mary’” is a tribute to the most powerful peasant movements of Romania (Horia, Closca and Crisan riot), that started in November 1784.

The church has two important elements: the painting of Horea, one of the leaders of the riot, which is believed to be the only accurate representation of his face (the church has the copy, because the original can be found in the Orthodox Bishopric’s Museum of Oradea), and the globe in the tower of the church, half black, half gold, which represents the lunar phases.

Travel RomaniaDesigned by the ingenious Georg Rueppe, the mechanism that spins the moon is supposed to complete a full rotation around its axis in 28 days, showing the lunar phases, according to the daily cycle marked by the clock mechanism.

The Ullmann Palace

The three-level building, in a Viennese secession-style design, surrounding a beautiful indoor garden, is one of the most beautiful historical palaces of Oradea.

Romania DMCThis Transylvanian palace is representative for the Jewish community, as Oradea hosted once the largest Jewish community in Romania. The Palace has beautiful curved lines, semicircular balconies and Jewish elements such as the seven-armed bead, floral, and geometric motifs.

Oradea Fortress

The pentagonal monument, with battlements at its corners and a water ditch built between 1570-1618 by Italian architects, is the best kept Italian renaissance fortress of central Europe and one of the few fortresses still in use.

DMC ROMANIAWhen you get here you can see the old astronomical observer and take a walk through the dendrological park, arranged at the base of the fortress walls.

Gardens and parks of Oradea

Those in love with nature will appreciate the green oasis of the city. Named the “Green Capital of Romania”, Oradea has plenty of parks, squares, street alignments and green areas in all its residential quarters.

Oradea things to doPack your picnic basket and enjoy a Transylvanian brunch in any of Oradea’s parks and gardens : December 1st Park is one of the most famous parks in Oradea, Liberty Park has wild landscapes, small paths, and a little beautiful flower house, Olosig Park is cheerful and friendly, Petofi Sandor Park and Salca Park.

The 3 monument buildings: the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the biggest Baroque edifice in Romania, a real jewel hosting St. Ladislau relics, the Baroque Palace and Sirul Canonicilorrepresent a great venue and a must seen for any of the city’s visitors.

Panoramic view

The highest point of the city, Ciuperca (mushroom) hill offers a panoramic view of Oradea and a great spot for catching amazing sunsets.

Oradea top attractionsWith plenty of terraces and shops arranged in historic buildings, the Republic street is the place for lazy afternoons and some much-needed fun.

Oradea’s Surroundings

If you choose Oradea as your destination schedule some time for its surroundings and you won’t regret it.

Felix Bath

Are you a SPA enthusiast? At only 8 kilometres from Oradea, Felix Bath is the largest permanent spa resort in Romania with thermal waters and the perfect place to relax and refresh.

On top of the benefits of thermal water healing and its relaxing properties, you will also have the chance to admire the waterlilies park populated with turtles and exotic fish.

Oradea SPA RomaniaThe fossil site on Somleu Hill

A paleontological natural reserve is a place worth seeing. With a real fossil deposit from the Pleistocene era, made up of mammalian fossils, reptiles, birds and insects, it will serve as a real geology lesson.

Accommodation and dining facilities

When it comes to accommodation and dining facilities you have plenty to choose from. Oradea offers luxury hotels or little pensions designed to meet your needs, and stylish restaurants or little picturesque places where you can enjoy delicious Romanian and international cuisine.

Oradea RestaurantsRegardless of your reasons, whether you want to visit Oradea for business or pleasure, our team of experts will help you organize your trip so that you can really enjoy the “Oradea experience”.

Contact us now and let our enthusiastic team orchestrate the most memorable Romanian experience!

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