Romania in 3 days

Romania in 3 days

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If you are planning a 3-days trip to Romania for the first time, you are probably wondering what to see, where to go, and how much time to spend on each travel attraction. Romania is a big, beautiful country and it still lacks an efficient infrastructure which would normally allow any traveller to easily discover its top destinations.

However, this disadvantage has also allowed this Eastern European country to preserve its amazing nature and wildlife, its traditions and incredible heritage, transforming it into a must-visit European destination.

Our team of travel experts is here to help you out and to share our suggestions for a 3-day itinerary in Romania to anyone who is short of time but eager to discover as much as possible! All these places are among our favourite destinations and are all worth visiting if you plan to spend a few days in our country.

Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is a popular starting point for first-timers (so most likely your journey will begin from its airport), and in order to understand its controversial character better, we suggest to explore at the end of your stay because no matter what you heard, it’s worth experiencing it!

Furthermore, our team is ready to uncover Bucharest’s unique character and show you a different side from what you see in the media or in the popular travel guides. We are specialised in creating tailor-made tours and experiences so don’t forget to contact us to FIX your trip in Romania and Eastern Europe!

For the first-timers, remember that this is the most do-able itinerary, covering as much as possible of the iconic, top travel attractions of Romania, with the starting and ending point in Bucharest.


Depending on the time of your flight, we suggest to leave directly to Sinaia or to head early in the morning towards the mountains, after a good night sleep. You can easily reach Sinaia, either by car or by train. The traffic can be busy, so make sure to check the best time to leave in order to avoid spending too much time on the road.


A unique resort town and former house for the Romanian kings’ residence, Sinaia is a beautiful mountain resort in Romania, that successfully combines the natural landscape with an amazing architectural style.

While there, we recommend you visiting Peles Castle, and Sinaia Monastery, its main star attractions.

Peles Castle. A masterpiece of German New-Renaissance architecture, and once home to Romania’s first king, Carol I, serving as a summer residence of the Romanian Royal family until 1947, Peles Castle is a fairy-tale domain, with hidden passages, beautiful turrets and galleries, classical statues, plus some finest examples of European art, Murano crystal chandeliers, German stained-glass windows, and Cordoba leather-covered walls.

At the edge of dense fir forests, surrounded by an amazing landscape, with gardens built on terraces, Peles has seen many important historical figures over time, from kings and queens to musicians and writers.

Romania in 3 days travel tourSinaia Monastery. Known as “The Carpathian Cathedral” and placed in the middle of nature, at the very footsteps of the Bucegi Mountains, Sinaia Monastery was founded by Prince Mihail Cantacuzino, in 1695, and named after the great Saint Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai in Egypt.

Built in the Brancovenesc style, with carved stone columns, and decorated with floral and vegetal motifs, the monastery was initially designed to host 12 monks. In time, their number grew, so a new wing was added with the “New Church” and additional monk settlements.

After visiting Sinaia, the next stop is Brașov, where you can visit The Black Church and have a nice lunch in one of the traditional and animated restaurants from the Council Square, the heart of the city.


One of the most beautiful cities in Romania, filled with gothic buildings, medieval watchtowers and gateways, old churches, lively and narrow streets, with bohemian terraces and chic boutiques, Brașov is a fusion of traditional charm and modern city life.

The Black Church is the largest Gothic-style edifice in South-Eastern Europe, that received its name as a result of the fire in 1689 when it was partly damaged and the walls turned black.

The church is famous not only for its size but also for the largest bell in Romania, a bronze bell built in the 19th century, weighing 6,3 tonnes.

Romania 3 days top tourist attractionsAnother unique piece is the Buchholz organ, which is almost 200 years old. The excellent acoustics, the collection of oriental carpets and precious art objects make this edifice a top tourist attraction in Transylvania.


In the evening you should hit the road and head to Sighișoara, where you can have a nice dinner and take a short walk around the narrow medieval stone streets of the city, with solid fortifications, defence towers and dusty coloured houses with charming old windows.

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we recommend you to start the day with some unusual workout by visiting The Covered Staircase, that leads to The Church on the Hill (Bergkirche).

The Covered Staircase is a 175-stair covered wooden stairway known as the “Covered Stairs” or the “Schoolboys’ Stairs”, built in 1642 to shelter the school children on the rainy/snowy days, on their way to the School on the Hill during winter. The stairs are not only challenging but beautiful and mysterious as the sunlight beams through the wooden boards.

Top Romania destinationsThe Church on the Hill (Bergkirche). After you climb the 175 steps of the covered wooden Scholars’ Stairs, you are rewarded with a pure Gothic Church, the third biggest protestant church in Romania, a church that was under construction no less than 180 years.

Offering amazing views all around, the place invites you to wonder its courtyard and its cemetery and saves the best for the last, the crypt beneath, just before the altar, down the medieval-looking stairway, a dignified Game of Thrones setting.

Around noon you can leave Sighișoara behind and head to Bran, where you can visit the famous Bran Castle, Count Dracula’s legendary nest.

After a good lunch, the road leads to Bucharest, where you can spend the second night of your Romanian adventure. If you want to feel the vibe of Romania’s Capital, we recommend you to have drinks and dinner in the Old Center, a favourite and trendy hangout place among tourists and locals.

With a mix of wide boulevards, old churches, beautiful parks, and an interesting architectural mix, Bucharest, the vibrant capital of Romania, is home too many tourist attractions. But since you have a limited amount of time to spend in Bucharest, we recommend you not to miss Palatul Primăverii (The Spring Palace) and Muzeul Satului (The Village Museum).

Palatul Primăverii, once the home for the communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena (they lived here for 25 years), speaks about the opulent lifestyle of the two Communist leaders.

A splash of luxury and extravaganza, the Primaverii Palace tells the real story of the Communist rulers, who watched over the poor, from their little private paradise.

Muzeul Satului (The Village Museum). Situated in the heart of the city, The Village Museum is the biggest outdoor museum in Eastern Europe.

Bucharest DMC top tourist attractionsGet ready to travel back in time and discover unique peasant homes (346 houses) organized according to their historical region, and more than 53,000 objects that will give you a sense about the authenticity of rural Romania and probably will open your appetite to discover more of it.

Talking about appetite, don’t miss to taste the traditional Romanian food and also its modern interpretation.

Don’t forget to contact us to make this 3 days itinerary or any other apparently impossible tour, event, incentive travel or team building in Romania possible! We can help you get the most of your time spent here, relax and enjoy your Romanian trip. We can FIX your 3-days trip to Romania so that you can fully experience one of the most underrated destinations in Europe!

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