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May 2018

Cluj DMC
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Cluj DMC

Cluj Napoca / Koloszvar / Klausenburg is the the second largest city in Romania, the heart and the official capital of Transylvania. Recognised as the most important university centre in the country and a truly cosmopolitan city, Cluj-Napoca has a special youthful and cultural vibe, due to the multitude of…

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Wildlife Tours Romania
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Romania holidays: Wildlife tours

A borderland of European’s civilization, due to its unique position Romania has managed to keep its old traditions, legends and more important its wild nature. Although it’s one of last untouched regions in Europe, when it comes to holidays in Romania most tourists don’t even consider to go on a…

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MICE Romania
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Corporate events: Business annual conference & Gala Dinner in Bucharest

A corporate event should be memorable, fun and reach its goals. How do you organise a perfect corporate event which is nor dull, nor just a simple party? How do you reach the perfect balance between communicating your new business objectives and making sure your audience is not bored, but…

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Bucharest synagogues
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Jewish Bucharest

The Jews appeared sporadically on the territory of today’s Romania since the Middle Ages, in general as doctors and chemists at the courts of the rulers of the Romanian principalities. In the 16th century, groups of jew immigrants came from Greece and Turkey, driven out from Spain. These merchants settled…

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