Corporate events: Business annual conference & Gala Dinner in Bucharest

Corporate events: Business annual conference & Gala Dinner in Bucharest

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A corporate event should be memorable, fun and reach its goals. How do you organise a perfect corporate event which is nor dull, nor just a simple party? How do you reach the perfect balance between communicating your new business objectives and making sure your audience is not bored, but engaged? How do you make sure you budget is spent wisely and efficiently?

The answer is simple: you ask our team to organise your corporate event. Fix Events and Travel is a Romanian DMC with a broad experience in organising any type of corporate events in Central and Eastern Europe.

This year, one of our long term customers asked us to organise two events in one: an annual conference and a fun gala dinner. The main objective was to create a cosy environment to successfully transmit the audience last year’s accomplishments as well as the new year’s objectives, to offer an exclusive launch preview of the new products and to express gratitude and even reward last year’s greatest achievements.

The theme of the event was to take the event participants on a journey into the rich world of Romanian traditions and to create a fun and special gala event.

Our client is not a traditional client, but a major player in the FMCG market and his requests were not quite the usual requirements we are asked when organising a big annual conference.

The guests were from all over the country and our customer needed a full service event provider: starting from accommodation and transfers, to full concept and event creation, food and beverages services, personalised artistic moments, all the technical setup, including contracting and bringing the right performers and all the entertainment.

Over 300 distributors from all over Romania attended to the business conference and gala dinner and the top management had the needed time to transmit the objectives and gratify all the participants, as well as engage in informal conversation with the distributors and to strengthen their partnerships.

Everyone was excited to take part at this event and by the end of the evening, the WOW effect our team had in mind was acheived. The most relevant aspect of in organising this corporate event for our customer was to exceed the previous event and the participants’ expectations.

For a multinational company whose business highly relies on the quality of distribution it was also very important to expose the values and the people who are part of this big company, to transmit clear messages without losing its focus.

A good corporate event should support a company and perfectly fit its mission, values and objectives. It also helps in improving the brand image which comes along with brand loyalty and better results.

Let us Fix your next corporate event! Let us meet you and know you!

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