Romania’s most favourite travel blog

Romania’s most favourite travel blog

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Dear friends,

Although recently we plan to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we decided to take action and start working on our travel blog one year ago, when we realised that participating to international travel conferences and exhibitions was not enough to support our dream of becoming the best destination management company in Romania and Eastern Europe.

For the new readers, we are a DMC company based in Bucharest, with extensive knowledge on group and corporate travel, MICE and incentive travel, not only in Romania but also in South-Eastern Europe.

Romania is a beautiful and safe country, with an emerging economy and friendly and welcoming people. It has a high potential which was unseen for many years due to the political context, but in the late years, more and more solo travellers, travel institutions, newspapers and even Royal figures are speaking about it!

We wanted to take part in the movement and contribute to building this positive image of Romania for the rest of the world. The number of small and large groups of tourists that choose Romania as a travel destination is on the rise, but there is still room for improvement. There are hundreds to thousands of things to see, do and experience and some of them are not even known by the locals.

While other countries, as beautiful as Romania, are well promoted and marketed, ours is still not known beyond the legend of Dracula and the image of a dull ex-communist country.

The beauty of Romania and South Eastern Europe is that it offers more than you could expect, that it will surprise you in a pleasant way and that every penny spent is more than well worth.

Romania is also a country of contrast, a pole of IT technology in South East Europe and preserved medieval villages, traditions and innovations, some of the most spectacular roads in Europe and pristine natural places, mountains and sea, peaceful villages and busy urban areas.

Therefore, in January 2018 we started to write about our Romania and to present some incredible places we know and love, one of the kind destinations, villages and cities, emerging business centres, best party destinations and wildlife sanctuaries.

Imagine how happy we have been, when we found out that we were picked and awarded by FeedSpoot as one of the Top 15 Romania Travel Blogs! It is more than rewarding and this recognition motivates us, even more, to bring to our readers and future customers the best of Romania’s travel destinations, experiences, culture and heritage.

Thank you, FeedSpot, that you took us into consideration and gave us even more confidence to write about what we love! Consequently, this year, we have decided that we want to transform our blog into the most favourite travel blog in Romania. We welcome all our website visitors to write us if you are interested to find out more about a special destination, place or experience you want to try in Romania or in South Eastern Europe.

We would be more than honoured to take care of your small or big group, your company and your friends. So if you are planning a trip or an event in Romania and in South Eastern Europe, please use our broad local knowledge and services so that you can experience the unseen and untold Romania, at some of the most competitive prices in the market.

Do not hesitate to write or call us if you need our support and read our blog posts which might open your eyes to your next favourite travel destination!

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