Bucharest Team Building: Discover the city

Bucharest Team Building: Discover the city

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As a Romanian destination management company, we are used to receive all kind of challenging requests from our long term and new customers when it comes to organising the rightteam building which will help them meet their ambitious objectives.

However, this urban team building is very close to our hearts. The client, an multinational corporation chose Bucharest to be the centre of its annual conference.

Besides being in charge of organising this big event, including transport, accommodation, transfer and managing every single aspect of the international conference, while we were working with the client’s management team, we’ve discovered that these multicultural teams had never met before in person and it was quite hard to establish a real connection during the conference.

Therefore, we have brought the idea of organising an urban team building to create an environment where people can interact naturally, collaborate and develop that team spirit which distance will not break.

Bucharest Team Building

Fix team building experts decided to transform Bucharest into an adult playground for the 160 participants, from 30 different countries and 6 continents.

The team building theme was “City Quest- discover the secrets of the Paris of the East”. All the participants were split into 10 teams and their objective was to discover old parts of Bucharest based on a map and some clues they got live on the route. To make things more fun, we decided to bring an outsiders for each group to be their team leader:local actors who impersonated emblematic figures of old Bucharest (a writer, a composer, an artist, a politician, a sportsman and other public figures) . who guided their teams using different paths to reach their final destination.

Team Building Romania

During the urban quest, the participants received relevant information, they found out interesting things about Bucharest and its rich history, they had to answer to different questions and challenges and more important, they had to work as a team. All the teams also met with different live street artists who gave them essential clues for the next steps.

team building Bucuresti

To spice up a little bit more this urban exploration, participants could win rewards for their team consisting in drinks and food to cool the minds and ease the spirit: one stop to a traditional artisanal beer house, one stop for appetisers to an restaurant reminding the “little Old Paris”, one stop to a modern boutique shoots house and a final stop at a Romanian traditional restaurant including drinks, food, desserts and some Romanian dancing.

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As you can see in the short movie we made for this one day team building, all the participants, no matter their cultural background, had a great time, learned through playing some bits of history and traditions of Bucharest, but more important, communicated, worked and had fun with their team mates.

Team building activities in Bucharest

This team building program was tailor-made for the needs and specifics of the organisation; however, this type of team building program combines the intrusion into the local history, by scrolling against time with some clues that challenges the participants’ ability to cope with new situations and find creative solutions to the problems that may arise.

The participants have to work in teams to discover the right path and to understand the clues. The team quest is like a big puzzle, where parts of it are hidden and some of the clues are misleading: this is why the teams, having limited resources, have to learn to work together in order to discover the surprising and pleasant grand finale.

one day team building Romania

This Bucharest team building was a very good intro for the international conference, which gave the employees the opportunity to communicate, have fun together and develop a team spirit by discovering the “little Paris of the East”.

team building company Romania

If you are interested in raising the awareness of the teamwork importance within your company, in increasing focus on the target and develop the team spirit contact our team to create a tailor-made team building program according to your organisation needs and budget.

Let us FIX your team building in Romania!

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