Danube River Cruises

Danube River Cruises

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The Danube river, also known as the Amazon of Europe, offers breathtaking landscapes, a specific flora and fauna with an exotic touch in its amazing Delta. On its way from the Black Forest Mountains to the Black Sea, the Danube travels 2,850 kilometres, covering half of Europe.

No wonder that many tourists from around the world chose a Danube Cruise to see some of the best places in Europe. Furthermore, Danube is the number one choice for river cruises in Europe. As it flows from West to East, the Danube crosses 9 countries and four capitals: Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Attracted by the beauty of these great cities, many tourist miss the fact that the Danube is the third area in the world in terms of biodiversity, with over 5,000 species of plants and animals.

However, the longest river in Europe unveils its stunning beauty closer to its natural end, in its delta, the 2nd largest in the world and the best preserved delta in Europe.

If most of the Danube cruises focus on Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, FixTravel experts have prepared some itineraries which include special programs of seeing some of the best parts of this majestic river, hidden gems which are only known by wildlife specialist and dedicated travellers, far away from the usual tourist traps.

One of our picks is the Danube & Black Sea Cruise, a 8 days river cruise which starts and ends in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Bucharest is a vibrant city, with living proofs of its tumultuous history, a lively nightlife and many incredible spots you would not expect to find in this diverse urban mix.

This one week Danube cruise will take you in some incredible locations in the Danube Delta, such as Sfantu Gheoghe, an old fisherman village, a place still in time, where you can admire nature, go in a birdwatching tour, go fishing or just stroll on the village streets until you reach the sea.

Danube river cruises

While in Sfantu Gheorghe, you’ll seewith one of the longest and wildest beaches in Romania:

danube cruise wild beaches

Make sure you bring your binoculars while we travel on the Danube narrow canals towards the Sacalin peninsula, a protected heaven for birds and animals. Each spot has it own small surprises:

Danube cruises birdwatching

Such as an old ship wreck, claimed now by nature. Or, admire the architecture of the village’s houses:

best Danube cruises

And better understand the culture by enjoying the local cuisine:

Danube Delta cruises

Another incredible spot is Odessa, a costal Ukrainian city, a former refugee for smugglers which have used the extended network of catacombs to escape from the vigilante eye of the law.

Odessa Danube Cruises

And we could not end the presentation of this one of the kind cruise without mentioning the little Venice of the East, Vilkovo, one of the main tourist attractions in Ukraine, a town in the Danube Delta, naturally bordering Romania. Prepare to travel by water, on the beautiful narrow channels in the Ukrainian boats, which have a special shape, which remind the viewers of the elegant Venice gondolas.

Danube Delta tours

If you prefer a shorter trip, you can choose a floating hotel or a speed boat which will take you to a Delta resort closer to the heart of this natural wonder. Our travel experts have an extended knowledge of the area and they can find the one dream location suitable to your needs and within your budget.

Danube cruises Romania

We have designed a 2 days trip in the Delta, which is a great pick for travellers who want to see a specific location, such as the Caraorman or Letea forests, the towns of Sulina or the old Chilia and do specific activities such as trophy fishing, birdwatching, kayaking, paddle-boarding, biking, motorcycling and so on.

Danube Delta Tours

Wether you have no idea or many ideas about how do you want to spend you holiday on a Danube cruise, contact us and let us prepare you a tour which you will never forget. Let us FIX your Danube Cruise!

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