Bucharest, The” New” Old Town

Bucharest, The” New” Old Town

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Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the top Romanian destinations. If you’re planning to visit Romania your trip will most likely start and end with Bucharest, who has become in the last years a major attraction. With its stunning mismatch of architecture and a flamboyant night life, Bucharest has transitioned from the “little Paris of the east” to the “new Berlin” due to its generous and diverse offer for places to see and things to do. Last, but not least, Bucharest is one of the most affordable cities in Europe, where you can drink a good beer for only one dollar in a safe city.

Although it is well-known for its vibrant cultural life, the parks, theatres and museums, the capital of Romania is much appreciated for its spicy and lively night life. The Old centre, or as it’s known by the locals “Centru Vechi”, consists of what has been conserved after the destructions of 2nd World War and the communist flagella.

Bucharest Old Town

This old part of Bucharest, who was in a deplorable state ten years ago has become the centre of fun and entrainment. Its streets are filled with cosy bars, posh restaurants and trendy clubs where the party starts at dusk and continues with an after-party until lunch time.

For a memorable night, you can start you night with a traditional dinner:

Caru’ cu bere -The beer wagon, the oldest brewery in Bucharest. Caru’ cu bere is the perfect restaurant for anybody who wants to enjoy a bit of history and old Romanian recipes along with their speciality, the house beer.

Caru cu bere, Bucharest Old Town

Zexe, a gourmet approach of the Romanian cuisine is the perfect pick for an authentic, elegant and tasteful evening. Zexe restaurant is a good place to try local food that you don’t get elsewhere easily. It is exactly the opposite of what it is called a tourist trap.

Zexe Bucharest Old Town

Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints) is an unusual Romanian restaurant with a modern/contemporary kitchen. This restaurant has an interesting history, as it was created by a Romanian poet and a public personality committed to save a native endangered culinary culture. The menu is prepared with fresh, organic and local ingredients only.

Lacrimi si sfinti, Bucharest Old Town

After a good dinner, what about a dink in a pub or a bar in the endemic centre of Bucharest fun?

Nomad SkyBar. Go up to the top floor, stop by at the bar and you will not be disappointed. Whether one of some cocktails caught your eye or you prefer to take a look at the wine selection, at Nomad there’s always something to your liking. And maybe even more: you can to try out new mixes and spirits, seldom seen around town. The wine list is more than generous.

Nomad Sky Bar Bucharest Old Town

Shoteria, “the alcoholisation station” is a fantastic Bucharest bar where you can drink all kind of cocktails, shots and mixes for boys, girls, couples and groups of friends. Indeed, they have better prices for larger groups. Drinking is a social activity, after all.

Shoteria, Bucharest Old Town

Bruno, Wine Bar&Bistro is one of the first wine bars in Bucharest, where you can taste over 150 wines from 5 continents and 16 countries. It is a more quiet place, preferred by bohemian characters, unless you sit outside on the summer terrace and look at the people strolling on the Old City’s narrow streets.

Bruno wine bar, Bucharest old Town

Another must-do when in Bucharest is to take a stroll on the old city’s narrow streets, sit down and watch the busy streets filled with all kinds of people enjoying the nightlife or discover some pieces of history. There are so many bars and nightclubs with live music, DJs, dancers, theme parties so the only difficult thing will be to decide where to go first.

True Social Club, the house of live music in Bucharest it one of the most appreciated clubs in the Old Town because people are coming to listen to good live music, to dance and to a have a quality fun experience in a friendly atmosphere.

True, Bucharest Old Town

Bordellos & MoulinRuj, an unique concept in the Old Centre: the same building hosts a busy pub downstairs, a library lounge, perfect for celebrations or private events and a Dining Theatre with special cabaret shows.

Night Club Bucharest Old Town

Fire Club is the club of a generation, a club where Romanian rock legends were born, a club for live music, that place were you always feel like home no matter where you come from. Prepare for alternative and rock, uncountable pints of beer and friendly people.

Fire Club Bucharest Old Town

The untold secret of the “new” Old Town of Bucharest, is that nobody knows for sure how many clubs, pubs and bars you can find in the old city. Everything is possible in the Romanian capital: a quiet cosy night, a drink and live music, clubbing, a burlesque party and the list goes on. Just prepare yourself for a memorable evening and enjoy every second of it.

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