Dracula’s Castle at your Service

Dracula’s Castle at your Service

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Many of us have dreamed about visiting the legendary Dracula’s castle, but what if we tell you that you can have all the castle to yourself? If you do have the courage to experience a private tour of Dracula’s castle, to have a memorable dinner, a private party or even to spend a night that you will never forget, you should definitely visit Romania.

Dracula castle, Romania

Bran Castle, mostly known as Dracula’s castle was built gradually between 1225-1448, sitting at the border between Wallachia and Transylvania. It is easy reachable from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, at only 2 hours distance from Bucharest. Being surrounded by so many myths, no wonder that Bran is one of the most popular touristic sites in Romania and the only one in the world who will always be connected to the legend of Dracula.

Here are some interesting facts about this solitary castle:

  • Although the famous character was created in the 19th century, Bram Stoker was impressed by the life and reputation of the real historical character of Vlad The Impaler, the ruler of Wallachia. In spite of the fact that the novelist did not visit Romania, the Bran Castle it is the only one in Transylvania that suites so well to his description: Dracula was the master of a castle built on a high rock peak, near the valley of a river. Furthermore, the imaginary description of Dracula’s Castle, as it appears in the engraving of the first printed edition of the novel is strikingly similar to that of Bran Castle.
  • Some historians say that Vlad was held as a prisoner in 1462 spending two months in the fortress’ underground dungeons.
  • A couple of hundred years the castle was guarded by English mercenaries. Although in the Middle Ages life was tough and sober, there are written documents that confirm that these English soldiers were drinking large amounts of wine.
  • At the foot of the hill on which stands the castle, you’ll find today a small park filled with flowers and a small idyllic lake. This park was set up for Queen Mary of Romania, a previous owner of Bran castle, which replaced the dark woods and a swamp, which were not such a pleasant view for a romantic queen.

Bran Castle, Romania vintage image

  • During some redesigning works in the same period, a secret passage was discovered. The interior stairs carved in stone made the connection between the attic and the first floor of the fortress. After the furnishing ended, the Romanian queen used the stairs to get from her apartment to the music salon.

Dracula castle secret passage

  • The Bran castle is the resting place of the youngest child of queen Mary, who died of typhoid fever 2 months before celebrating his 3rd anniversary.

Bran Castle is a splendid destination for vampire and nature lovers. Its beautiful mountain landscapes, the gothic architecture and the picturesque medieval villages will offer you comfort, relaxation a bite of history and adrenaline.

Bran, Romania

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Dinner at Dracula's castle

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