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Do you know that Romania is a popular rising star on the European festival scene? Its growing taste for charm, culture and with plenty of great locations for small and big groups of music fans, Romania is hosting some of the best music festivals, which will lure you and rock your senses. If there is anything to know before visiting Dracula’s country, it must be that Romanians know how to party.

Here are some of most popular Romanian music festivals that will make you fell in love with the way Romanians party and probably will make you come back year after year!

Black Sea’s Sunwaves Festival from 42 eur 

27.04 – 01.05.2018

This festival is held twice a year – on the beaches of Mamaia, once around 1st of May and the second one during August. It became the Mecca for techno & electronic music lovers. Huge names have rocked the stages throughout the years. And there’s no doubt there’s nothing fancier than party and chilling directly on the beach along with friendly party lovers.

Sunwaves music festival, Mamaia

Sunwaves music festival, Mamaia

The Transylvanian Untold Festival from 119 eur


WOW – Untold is the most wanted event that you don’t wanna miss. You can stroll around the 10 stages spread across Cluj Napoca, a city in the heart of Transylvania. Untold is Romania’s biggest music festival an it was awarded Europe’s Best Major Festival, although it competed against well known festivals like Tomorrowland (Belgium), Szighet Festival (Hungary), Pinkpop (Holland), Rock Werchter (Belgium) or Exit (Serbia).

Untold means magic, true magic with 4 unforgettable nights for the 400.000 attendants from which 40.000 from abroad, making it the biggest Eastern European electronic music festival, sounds like something you can’t miss! It became bigger and bigger every year , the city turns into a music festival playground, Untold is an amazing festival, especially for those who love the big names playing at it.

 Untold music festival, Romania

Untold music festival, Romania

Bucharest trendiest festival, Summer Well from 59 eur

11-12 august 2018

This fairy tale is taking place in one of the most beautiful and well-preserved aristocratic domains around Bucharest, the Stirbey estate. This beautiful castle is opening its gates for alternative rock & pop music lovers every summer. Bucharest trendiest festival is welcoming you with a great music, cool people in a romantic and fairy location, chilling on the green grass, walking by the lake or adventuring in the park area of the estate.

For the most adventurous people, there is a zip line across the lake stretching for over 100 meters – impressive ride, plus a chill area around a pool, filled with comfortable bean bag chairs for relaxing time. Food will not be a concern, this can easily become a food festival, due to the diversity of choices, as restaurants from Bucharest send their best chefs and everything it’s cooked on site. Burger vans and even cars modified to fit a pizza oven are usually present in the food area.

Summer Well music festival Bucharest

Summer Well music festival, Bucharest

There is no Castle like the Electric Castle from 119 eur

18 – 22 iulie 2018

A full cultural experience, combining music with technology, alternative arts with culinary delights, Electric Castle is a music festival that takes place every year on the Transylvanian spectacular domain of Banffy Castle, near Cluj-Napoca. Electric Castle is everything a festival should be simply because it offers an unforgettable experience!

From morning to sunrise, from dark, indoor stages to a pool where you can cool off in your swimsuit or a hammock area to chill and sip some wines, you cannot get bored at Electric Castle.

If this is still not enough, the food area is so vast you can easily get lost, offering from local and international cuisine dishes to pizza and snacks or delicious burgers. The big bands take on the stages when the sun sets and just rock the night. What makes Electric Castle so special is the way you’ll feel throughout your presence. Everybody’s having a great time, creates unforgettable memories, make new friends, enjoys the music, and that only adds up to the overall experience.

Electric Castle music festival, Transylvania

Electric Castle music festival, Transylvania

The EcoFriendly Waha Festival from 70 eur

12 – 15.07.2018

Waha is the perfect festival for art, music and nature lovers, with its motto Music sounds freer in nature it makes it perfect for you if are in love with this bohemian style of festival.

Taking place in a pristine forest in Covasna county, Waha awaits you with 4 stages (Deep Stage, Psy Stage, Alternative Stage, Chill Space) under the moonlight, where you can feel the music that will never stop for the whole 4 days.

Search for a place to set up tent, be it under a tree’s shadow or by the river and get ready to spend 4 days in the heart of nature, enjoying good music, dancing, watching movies, attending various workshops or simply join the biggest Romanian healing and meditating community in the unspoiled Carpathian forests.

Apart from the musical side, Waha offers a great opportunity to get deeper into awareness and self-development practices, have guided meditations and Yoga. There is also a special place you shouldn’t miss for a holistic Waha experience.

Waha music festival, Transylvania

Waha music festival, Transylvania

Dance like NeverSea from 86 eur


Neversea is an electronic dance music festival, the younger brother of “Untold”, a fresh music festival, who was born in 2017. Although it is new, Neversea was the largest music festival ever to be held on a beach in Romania.

Prepare for some legendary three days and nights, when the coastal city of Constanta becomes a place of energy and celebration. In 2017, the festival welcomed over 100 international superstars to its sun-drenched shores to dance the nights away.

Neversea music festival, Black Sea Romania

Neversea music festival, Black Sea Romania

On the grounds of Transylvania, RockStadt Extreme Fest from 65 eur

02-05 august 2018

Rockstadt Extreme Fest takes place at Rasnov, Brasov County. 2017 was a record year for RockStadt, and 2018 will open the gates with bigger and stronger energy, as this year the festival becomes the most important Romanian rock metal event, bigger and more diverse than before.

If extreme rock is your passion, then this is the place to be. At the rock festival you will meet friendly people and the atmosphere is amazing. This year, many new rock bands will concert during full 4 days of extreme pure rock festival.

Rock music festival, Transylvania

Rock music festival, Transylvania

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