Why Choose a DMC company (destination management company) ?

Why Choose a DMC company (destination management company) ?

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Travelling is supposed to be fun, entertaining and easy. Almost everybody can make travel arrangements for himself, but the situation changes dramatically when dealing with a group of people.

Even for organising the travel details for a small groups, a novice becomes more and more aware of the importance of perfect organisation starting with the airport transfer, the hotel accommodation or simple activities which will suit everyone’s preferences and requests. This is how a pleasurable activity can quickly become a real headache for an unprofessional, especially when one have to plan from scratch, with no local knowledge. The destination management companies were invented due to the stringent need of turning a nightmare for a travel planner into an enjoyable and stress-free activity.

A good DMC (destination management company) has in the first place the best local knowledge. The best DMC has not only local knowledge, but also perfect knowledge of a larger geographical area, including a couple of countries and thousands of contacts worldwide.

How can actually a destination management company help? A DMC usually offers the following logistic services: meet&greet, ensuring transfers and transportation, dealing with hotel accommodation and choosing the perfect restaurants and activities. As a DMC usually handles small to large groups or incentive travel, it can find the best conference venues, it can organise themed events, casual or fancy gala dinners. DMC will assist with overcoming any language barrier.

A destination management company is a MUST when organising incentives, conferences, meetings, FITs, conventions, congresses, cruises, shore or local excursions, gala dinners, product launches, team-building, different events or themed dinners. It acts like a Tour Operator for special interest groups, for corporate travel and group corporate travel.

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By using a destination management company you will obtain the following benefits:

First of all, you will save precious time. Time is money and gathering information, even just a small percentage of what a good DMC holds, can drain your energy, enthusiasm and it will consume more time than you think.

Aside the meetings and any other business affairs you may want to see more. How can you avoid the time-consuming search of locations, choose the best quality in your budget, but also having a million and one other things in your mind? Contact a DMC, simply specify your interests and desires, the needs of your program and you can relax and enjoy your trip. Even a small dinner can become a burden when you you have no previous experience or local knowledge.

Experience. A DMC has a broad experience in leisure, corporate travel, tourism and it can offer the best professional advises on each part of your booking, while making sure you get a good value for money.

Tourists usually complain about tourist traps. But how can you avoid them especially when planning corporate group travel or incentive travel? Sometimes you simply can’t, unless you hire someone with local experience and very good knowledge of all the leisure opportunities in a specific area.

Dedication. Seeking your best interest is like second nature for a destination management company. The professionals working in a DMC where hired for their dedication and passion, for their ability to empathise and always think and act as being part of your organisation.

At Fix Travel we usually do various projects, not only vacation planning, therefore we tackle with enthusiasm any project, no matter its size.

Better Value for Money. A DMC company can offer better rates than the usual booking apps or websites. A destination management company has a solid network there it can offer you better deals. Use a DMC, such as Fix Events&Travel and you will see the difference in your pocket! Pay less for more!

Solid understanding of market interests and customer expectations. A DMC is working every single day in this field, so it is conversant with the ins and outs of the market is dealing with. This kind of know-how and ‘market feel’ usually come after years of collective corporate experience. A good destination management company understands how the different overseas markets work, the cross-cultural differences and the business expectations.

Great ideas, insights and information: No matter how simple or complicated your requirements may be, you need a good DMC who can deliver on your brief, whether you are looking for hotel accommodation, off-site event venues, a great concept for a special event, best dining places in town or even you just want to delegate the task of choosing the right gifts. A destination management company should have all the insights to offer you suitable options, within your budget.

A DMC is supposed to have a deep understanding of your needs and its main scope is to cover any information gap you might have, by sharing useful insights, relevant local information (from weather forecast to the important cultural habits, from small, but important updates to tips from the inside, which most of the time will make a big difference for your research when planning a successful journey).

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Intuition, talent, creativity, knowledge of the area, help FIX Events and Travel provide tailor-made services for organising meetings, incentive travel, conference, fairs, group and corporate travel, team-buildings and corporate events.

Our priorities as a Romanian destination management company have always been:

•Carefully listening to our customers, so that we can anticipate any needs or desires someone might have.

•Offering custom-made services. We treat every event uniquely, our proposals have all the necessary details, they’re meticulously elaborated and within your budget.

•Being persevering. We keep looking until we find or create the best program and the best deals with every supplier.

•Being creative. We like to develop original and innovative programs and we love to pleasantly surprise our customers.

•Being loyal. We believe in honest and transparent deals with all our stakeholders: customers, partners and suppliers.

•Being a strong team – Our team is what makes us special, what makes our customer becoming loyal customers. We promise unique experiences and out-of-the-box concepts.

If you’re still not convinced, please let us meet you and know you! Contact us today!

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