Mamaia is the new Black, the Black Sea Pearl

Mamaia is the new Black, the Black Sea Pearl

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Mamaia is the ultimate, most favourite summer destination in Romania. Due to its proximity to Constanta city, being 25 kms away from the airport and only 2,5 hours drive from Bucharest it is first of all easily reachable.

Nevertheless, the reasons for which Mamaia has become the Romanian seaside Pearl, the Black Sea Pearl is first of all due to its beauty. Mamaia is a thin strip of land (300 m in width and 8 kms/5 miles in length) between the Black Sea and Siutghiol Lake.

Mamaia, RomaniaIn the last years, Mamaia has undergone a vast process of modernisation transforming itself from a communist resort into a more luxurious one: palms, spectacular artesian fountains, fashionable events and sensational shows, luxury restaurants and clubs, tranquil terraces and gardens, promenade areas, water park, a gondola and leisure centres.

Mamaia is a great destination in Romania for group and incentive travel and it is a summer resort who answers to the multiple needs of tourists: families, small groups, individuals, big groups, party lovers, aquatic sports fans, fishing lovers and the list can go on. It has a bit of everything, but it’s mostly appreciated for its sandy popular beaches and night vibes.

Going more into details, the accommodation in Mamaia is usually the most expensive compared to other resorts from the Black Sea Coast. It offers a rich variety of hotels located right on the beach or with a splendid view of the Siutghiol Lake. Most of the hotels are high class of 4 or 5* offering premium services to their guests.

Mamaia accommodation

The beach is the main attraction during the day and you can chill out and stop the time in the relaxing lounges or enjoy a water activity or have a nice cocktail and attend a beach party! The destination is friendly, easy-going and you will love the vibe.

Mamaia beach

The food is de-li-cious and you can try the Romanian dishes or Mediterranean and international cuisine. It’s your pick! The Romanian cuisine it is vast and rich in recipes, with many Oriental, Hungarian and Slavic influences. In the Black Sea area you will find an influence of Greek and Oriental cuisine, using a rich variety of fish and sea food captured directly from the Black Sea.

Mamaia restaurants

Food & Drink Tour 

Especially for incentives, meetings, team buildings and group travel, Mamaia is a perfect destination for a food and drink tour in the area.

Constanta is the most cosmopolitan town in Romania, with 18 ethnical groups and minorities who all actively contribute proudly presenting their culinary traditions: Greeks, Italians, Macedonians, Bulgarians, Jews, Armenians, Russians, Turks, Tatars, Albanians, etc. Too many options? Read more about the delicious treats you can enjoy while in Romania.

Plus, in the area are some of the best Romanian vineyards which thrive due to the sandy soil and warmer climate. A visit at a wine cellar is always a good idea in the warm summer nights for a more quiet evening.

Mamaia MICE travel

Contact our team and we can arrange the ultimate foodie tours at some of the most reasonable rates in the market!

Travelling with kids? Mamaia is the perfect destination for keeping children occupied during the day as well as in the evenings. First of all, the water is warm and shallow, without rocks, ideal for small children and swimming beginners.The gondola is an attraction of the resort, spreading over Mamaia and offering a breathtaking view from above. Aqua Park Mamaia is the place to attend if you want a magical day and extra water fun!

Mamaia travel

As the sun sets, the fun continues even for kids, and we recommend you to grab some comfortable shoes and head up to the “Holliday Village”, where the fun is waiting. Don’t you worry – adults are most welcome here, too!

Mamaia children activities

The dolphinarium is one of the most visited tourist attractions all year long. It belongs to Constanta’s Museum of Natural Sciences, along with the Planetarium, the Astronomical Observatory and the Micro Reservation.

Currently, the Dolphinarium remains the only place in Romania where you can relax by watching an extraordinary show whose protagonists are dolphins, sea lions and penguins. A visit to the Dolphinarium should not be delayed! You will live a beautiful experience, in a world full of joy and smiles and the children will be more than thrilled.

Mamaia dolphinarium

Mamaia is alive and full of energy, with a complex variety of events which worth your visit. Here are some activities organised during the summer:

Romania Drift

Mamaia drift

3 2 1 go go go! Put your earplugs, amazing action is happening. If you love the thrills here is the place for you!

Dinner in the air

Mamaia incentive travel

Dreaming about a different kind of dinner? How about dining 50 metres above the ground? Perfect choice for enabling conversations between groups of people, an one-of-the-kind meetings no one will ever forget!

The concerts are always electrifying, full of energy and spectacular and the fans promise not to miss an edition of the festival. Read more of the top concerts in Romania on our blog!

SunWaves Music Festival

Sunwaves festival, Mamaia

NeverSea Music Festival

Never Sea festival, Mamaia, Romania

Clubs are always opening with a remarkable show performed by talented artists and continue with good music that creates an sensational atmosphere.

Mamaia clubs, Romania

Beach Concerts

Beach concerts Mamaia, Romania

Sports events

If you are passionate about sports, Mamaia is the place to practice and play. From triathlon to water sports, Mamaia never stands still. Watch, play or participate!

Mamaia Sports Events, Romania

Mamaia is an old and young resort in the same times and each year becomes better. Its potential attracts and encourage investors to make more and more improvements to make tourists happier. The 5 star hotels, the hip, young or traditional restaurants, the clubs or the beautiful sea, the good drinks and will amaze you.

Romania travel destinations, Mamaia

Mamaia is a pearl, a destination who unfolds its beauty slowly for the ones who have the patience to fully discover it! As any popular destination, it has some tourist traps you can easily avoid. Mamaia is safe, fun and alive!

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