Top Group Travel destinations in Romania

Top Group Travel destinations in Romania

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Our group travel programs will unveil our creative and authentic touch. Group travel with Fix is more than fun, it’s group fun! We create unforgettable travel experiences for small and big groups, at some of the most competitive rates of the Romanian tours’ market.

We are a destination management company located in Europe’s best kept secret, Romania, a country created for slow travel experiences. Romania is still one of the most overlooked destinations for group travel and tours although it offers a multitude of options for so many tastes and preferences: urban and rural, tradition and modernism, wildlife and landscapes, mountains and sea, culture and music, home-made and high class restaurants, exclusive resorts and simple farmhouses, vibrant nightlife and quiet wellness resorts.

You can see, taste and feel much more than in other destinations, at some of the lowest prices in Europe.

Most of our tours in Romania are tailored according to the needs, preferences and the budget of every group. However, our tour experts have gathered a list of top destinations suitable for small and big groups alike, who want to explore Romania in their own way and pace.

Most of the group tours in Romania start in Bucharest, the capital and the biggest city in the country. Its remains of belle époque architecture, as well as the communist and modern buildings create a unique mixture of styles and culture. This city has it all, but no matter how you choose to discover it, make sure you have enough time to soak up its vibrant, one of the kind atmosphere.

An unknown destination for a group tour is to visit Ceausescu’s mansion, the private residence of the former dictator which will give you a great insight of the striking opulence the dictator and his family enjoyed behind close doors, with his large exclusive paintings collection, tapestries or personalised furniture.

Ceausescu mansion

Bucharest offers also a variety of theme tours which offer to any group of people the possibility to discover the Romanian capital from different perspectives: Communism, Alternative, Hidden gems of Bucharest, Jewish Heritage Tour, Bucharest by night or a Romanian organic home cooked experience. You just need to tell us your preferences and we will take care of the rest!

Bucharest theme tours

Still few tourists and travel agencies know that Romania is one of the best destinations in Europe for biking! For bike tourism, it represents one of the most surprising and exciting places to ride on two wheels. Our team recommends to a biking tour in Saxon Transylvania, which is a great pick for group travel, even for cycling beginners.

Bike Tours Romania

If you’re looking for a total detox for body and mind, there is no better way to unwind than riding on tarmac and forestry roads, exploring the beauty of the unique villages, making friends with the welcoming people and eating only mouth-watering, wholly  organic and local produced food and drinks.

Group tours in Transylvania

We promise that we’ll take you to discover enchanting forests, rolling-hills and time forgotten places, meadows filled with flowers, for an unforgettable rewarding holiday experience.

Cycling tours Romania

Romania is also one of the few countries in Europe where wildlife still thrives. Romanian forests roam with half of Europe’s population of wolves, bears, lynx. A stable population of deer and wild boar complete this primitive landscape.

There is a hunting tradition in Romania, including for big game, small game and quail hunting. If you are looking for a memorable, traditional hunting experience, you should book a hunting tour that will make your heart race!

Hunting in Romania

Another incredibly popular destination for group and incentive travel in Romania is the Danube Delta, a wildlife heaven with over 350 species of birds, 45 species of freshwater fish and 1700 plants.

Senior tours Romania

The delta is a perfect destination for a birdwatching and bird photography tour as it represents the breeding ground for a variety of exotic birds who travel from Asia or Africa to lay their eggs from early spring until late in the autumn. The Danube delta is rich in wild animals like foxes, deers, raccoons, wild boar and wild horses. They are a common sight although there are stories about wolves and wild cates seen hiding in the Delta.

Birdwatching tours in Romania

The delta is also a great place for a kayak tour. Your group can freely explore  the watery labyrinth of lagoons, rivers, canals and lakes, sleep in idyllic guesthouses and enjoy the savoury local cuisine, based on different and inventive ways to cook fish.

Kayak tour Romania

If your group loves the water you can always choose a cruise tour on Danube and the Black Sea, the right pick for big groups. You will discover not only the beautiful Danube and its delta, but also many fisherman villages and ancient ports like Ismail, Constanta or Odessa.

Danube cruise tours

Our last proposal for a group tour is the Rural Fairytale tour of Maramures, a region of Northern Romania, considered the heart and soul of the rural Romanian traditions. Many consider these area an open-air museum, frozen in time: villages, traditions, the simple way of life, everything is perfectly preserved, still, since the beginning of time.

Group Tour Maramures, Romania

The wooden churches, which are under the UNESCO protection, the amazing , comforting landscapes, the houses, the simplicity, the people and their traditional costumes will take you back in time, in a rural fairytale which will make anyone fall in love with.

Romania Tours

If any tours come close to what you wish, but are still not quite what you wish for your group, please contact or team and let us FIX your group tour in Romania.

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