Europe’s new best summer bachelor destination in 2018

Europe’s new best summer bachelor destination in 2018

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Many European cities are established as popular stag do and hen do destinations. If you are planning a summer bachelor/bachelorette party, you will soon realise that the list narrows down to the same locations such as Ibiza, Tenerife or Mykonos.

It’s time to try a new and exciting destination for your stag or hen party! Let us introduce you to Mamaia, the Black Sea Pearl and and the most popular beach destination in Romania.

Eastern Europe has always been a bachelor attraction due to its high concentration of beautiful people per square meter, cheap food and drinks, as well as its wild parties. Mamaia is still a hidden gem although experienced party hunters have discover it and its popularity is on the rise.

Over the last few years, Mamaia has become a heaven for partiers and home to some of the finest beach clubs in Europe, entering strong into competition with the other established popular places. Its fancy bars, restaurants and posh clubs, its flight connections with all over the world and glorious weather make Mamaia an attractive destination for for stag and hen parties.

Bachelor party Mamaia Romania

Mamaia is a thin strip of land between the Black Sea and Siutghiol Lake, an administrative district of Constanta, one the biggest and oldest cities in the country, 2 hours drive from Bucharest, the capital of Ronania. It is the largest seaside and a trend setter resort, a perfect mix of sea, sand and a vibrant party atmosphere.

Mamaia beach summer destination 2018

Many jet setters and local celebrities come to Black Sea sunny shores every summer to party all day in the stylish beach clubs. When we mean stylish, we mean that Mamaia has won “the most fashionable and dynamic resort” title at the Monaco International Clubbing Show, overtaking rivals as Miami and Ibiza and everything in between.

Besides the luxurious beach clubs and lounges, you can choose a beach party right on the seashore, where where famous DJs and sexy dancers heat up the atmosphere.

Beach stag do party Europe

When the sun goes down, Mamaia becomes a long nightclub as its real party scene comes to life with plenty of temptations: glamorous lounges overlooking the sea, lavish mega clubs, poolside entertainment, beach parties, latino and other high-adrenaline dance clubs, concerts and music festivals as well as live music locations.

Stag do, hen do summer location

Need some inspiration for your stag do weekend? Check out some cool ideas on where to go and what to do while in Mamaia:

Party during the day in one of the many hot destinations which combine sea, sand and partying! These chick lounges feature live DJ tunes, great bartenders and exquisite food menus as well as slick swimming pools.

bachelor party top summer destinations 2018

Enjoy an evening in Constanta Old Town. The old town is located on a beautiful peninsula crowded with numerous bars, restaurants, and hotels. Some of the best places to eat are here.

Bachelorette party summer destinations

Go Clubbing! Dance and enjoy the atmosphere in at least one of the extravagant clubs, attend a private pool party or a theme party. The resort hosts an abundance of concerts, performances of international artists during the summer months, which mean nobody gets bored on the Black Sea Coast.

Clubbing in Mamaia

Attend a music festival. Two of the most important Romanian music festivals take place on the beaches of Mamaia and Constanta.

Sunwaves is the most famous electronic music festival, featuring some of the most famous DJs in the world.

Sunwaves music festival Mamaia

Neversea is a 3 long-day celebration of music and dancing. With 7 seafront stages and a line-up of over 150 international artists Neversea is the largest music festival ever to be held on a beach in Romania.

Neversea music festival

Go sailing. Rent a yacht and discover with your friends the beauty of the Romanian shore seen from the sea.

Bachelorette yacht party Mamaia Romania

Kitesurfing. Romanians have recently discovered the adrenaline brought by this sport and Mamaia beach is perfect for beginners and advanced alike, as the waves aren’t that big, the beach is wide and sandy and there are no rocks in the water which meaning no rock related accidents.

Kitesurfing Mamaia Romania

Dinner in the air: standing no less than 50 metres above the ground, eating well, drinking better and admiring the vistas. A dinner to remember! You just need to make sure you are stuck next to the right person.

Stag dinner Mamaia Romania

No matter what you decide to do for a bachelor party in Mamaia, there are so many opportunities, suitable to any tastes and budgets. Communism is gone and what has left behind is a vibrant European destination where everyone is welcomed to experience some of the best parties and to have fun with old friends and new.

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