Why is Romania a great team building destination

Why is Romania a great team building destination

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Affordable, group-welcoming and never-failing to deliver, Romania has become year by year a more powerful destination for meetings, incentive travel and team buildings!

If you are looking for new, exciting places – within your budget – to take your staff, board members or partners look no further!

Its proximity to many other European destinations, its large offer of tourist attractions in different landscapes and the affordable rates represent only a couple of reasons why you should consider Romania as an team building or incentive travel destination.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should organise your next team building or incentive travel in Romania:

1. It’s affordable 

When we mean affordable, we mean really cost effective. The balance between money you pay and what you get in return is way in favor of “what you get”.

2. It is Connected 

If you’re thinking how you get to Romania, travel without worries as there are 14 airports all over the country, strategically placed near the top tourist attractions. Here are the airports with the most connecting flights with the rest of the world:

  • Bucharest, the capital of Romania and a top destination for meetings, events and incentive travel.
  • Cluj-Napoca- the capital of Transylvania, a thriving cultural city, a top destination for start-ups, “the Sillicon Valley of Europe” due to its IT Clusters (1 of every 25 people living in Cluj work in the IT sector);
  • Iasi – the capital of Moldova, the second-largest city in Romania, a historical city, a cultural breeding ground and one of the great Eastern European centres of Jewish learning.
  • Sibiu – A medieval city in Transylvania, a multicultural city, closer to the mountains and to the Saxon Transylvania with its unique fortified churches and old villages;
  • Timisoara, a beautiful, green city, called the Little Wien, closer to the Romanian Western Border and the 2021 European Capital of Culture.
  • Constanta, the most cosmopolitan city in Romania and the gate to seaside resorts, to the Danube Delta and to ancient citadels and mountains.

The good news is that you can combine 2 European destinations and choose the bus to move around. For example, Cluj is 5 hours drive from Budapest and Timisoara only 3 hours drive from Budapest and 5 hours drive from Wien.

There are countless opportunities to move around and you have Fix Travel experts to present all the possibility and make sure you choose the best travelling option for your group!

3. Infinite options for team building activities 

Offer your team an unforgettable experience, an experience which will facilitate team bonding and teamwork. Fix Travel is specialized in creating tailor-made programs for team buildings, where every member actively operates within the team, in a fun and interactive environment, while still experiencing the destination.

Due to its variety of landscapes and plenty of things to do, Romania makes it easier to organize from common to one-of-the kind outdoor activities such as:

Biking in Romania, With around 134 cycle tours all over the country, there are plenty of biking tours available in any region of Romania. Our team building experts recommend a friendly biking tour in Saxon Transylvania, one of the biking tours in Brasov or Bran area and even one in the forests around Bucharest! Of course, if you are team of outdoor bikers enthusiasts you should know that Romania has 70 mountain bike routes plus other 40 off-road challenging mtb routes ready to be discovered!

Biking in Romania

Trekking&Hiking in Romania. The Carpathian Mountains offer to any hiker the opportunity to breathe fresh air, to admire the picturesque views and to enjoy the incredible wildlife Romania still has to offer. Our team building specialists can organise trekking tour anywhere in the Carpathians or Macin Mountains, according to the profile of your team. You can choose easy to moderate or even hard routes. Sky is the limit!

trekking&hiking in Romania

Kayaking&Rafting&Canoeing. The Danube Delta is the top pick when it comes to kayaking, but you can also try to discover the Danube at the entrance in the Romania and explore beautiful water caves or go rafting on 4 rivers ideals for this activity: Olt, Jiu, Buzau or Bistrita. If you plan a team-building in Bucharest you might take into consideration that less than 40 kms in the North and South from Bucharest there are beautiful lakes and even a delta which can be enjoyed on a canoe.

Team building activities Romania

Driving&Motorcycling. Every rider and driver has on its bucket list a ride/drive on the “best road in the world”. Transfagarasan became famous in the whole world after the Top Gear crew drove on it. A bit over 90 kms of twists and turns in a dramatic landscape make Transfaragaran a top Romanian attraction.

Transfagarasan Romania

If your team would rather enjoy a more relaxing way, Romania again never ceases to deliver!

How about a visit to Europe’s largest spa, Therme Bucharest. Or if you want the ultimate spa experience just book a combo trip in Bucharest and Budapest to unwind even the most stressed employees.

team building activities Bucharest

When it comes to arts and crafts activities, Romania has centuries old traditions in painting eggs, ceramics, wood, textiles, rugs, masks and glass. The traditional blouse of Romanians has been reinterpreted by many fashion houses. We’ll make sure your team will experience teamwork as well as Romania’s tradition in arts&crafts workshops.

team building workshops Romania

Romanians are reckoned to know how to party and Bucharest has become an European party capital. You can enjoy Bucharest but if you really want something special for your team, how about a thematic party at Dracula’s castle in Transylvania?

team building in Transylvania

After so many activities you can indulge in the delicious Romanian gastronomy, spoil your team or your partners with wine tastings, visit a Romanian vineyard and take them in a food and drink tour they will always remember.

4. Plenty of accommodation options 

From international hotel chains to old castles and Royal retreats, Romania can accommodate any type of group. From camping to glamping, from small guest houses to tree houses, form the Ice Hotel to a stationary train converted into a hotel, Romania offers great accommodation options, suitable to your needs and budget!

team building company Romania

5. FIX Travel&Events, your DMC in Romania. 

Fix Travel is a destination management company based in Romania, with extended local destination knowledge limited not only to Romania, but to also to Eastern and Central Europe: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.

In time we discovered that great team buildings and incentive travel can be done anywhere in the world and that any destination has a potential as long as there is enough professional knowledge and experience to transform even the downsizes into opportunities to rebuild and transform an activity into a better one.

Every destination has its challenges and our responsibility is to create the perfect environment for our customers. At FixTravel we offer solutions to any requests and we love to make our customers and partners happy.

You will save time and money, while we build a tailor made team-building program according to your needs and budget. Handling unexpected requests is our specialty and making you life easier is our vision. in the end, this is the main purpose of a DMC: making everything easier, possible and much more fun!

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