Yoga and Wellbeing retreats in Romania ideal for group travel

Yoga and Wellbeing retreats in Romania ideal for group travel

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The majority of the leading causes of disease are actually preventable by making healthier lifestyle choices. Living healthy is not only about preventing disease, but also about creating balance in your physical, spiritual and emotional health.

This is why in there are more and more retreats especially designed to help the one in need find their physical and emotional balance. The good news is that you don’t have to fly to India for a yoga centre, especially if you’re planning a weekend for yoga and detox. Romania has developed a small but effective chain of yoga, detox and mindfulness retreats close enough to Bucharest or other airports, but far enough from civilisation.

If you plan to visit Romania, you should know upfront that it’s one of the few European countries where the benefits of thermal waters and plants for wellbeing were known since ancient times. Romania is also known for its great outdoors and as the yoga practices have become in the recent years more and more popular, Romania has become a yoga, detox and wellness hotspot.

Wellbeing resorts Romania corporate travel FixTravel experts have pick some of the best yoga and detox retreats around, which are suitable for private or business travel, as many of them offer only organic food and drinks, vegetarian and vegan friendly, a calm and peaceful atmosphere, programs suitable for any level, tailored to specific needs. These resorts are hidden in the nature, in some of the most beautiful spots in the country. Due to their privileged location, many other activities can take place, according to the needs and interests of the people in the group.

Akasha Wellness Retreat Romania is the materialization of the dream of two Romanian women (mother and daughter), who after living and experiencing life in one of the busiest metropolis, London, wanted to return home. Home for them meant something different, as they looked to come back not only in Romania, but somewhere in the mountains, in the middle of nature, living the authentic rural life of Transylvania. Here they brought their whole life experience and the concept of wellbeing that could only be found in very distant places creating a magical space, experience of emotions and dreams for mind, body and soul.

Yoga retreat TransylvaniaThis place has a special energy, and is only few minutes away from Bran, in a corner of heaven in the middle of a picturesque landscape. The Akasha resort means yoga, detox, vegan food, spa, nature and a time of quality for yourself.

organic food romania As Akasha is designed for smaller groups, we have found some other locations, which care suitable for team buildings and incentive travel, able to accommodate many people. Very close to Bucharest there is a spa centre which offers integrated and fully customised health and rejuvenation programs within a dedicated clinic. Country Spa retreat is only 30 minutes drive from Bucharest and 20 minutes drive from the Bucharest airport.

Spa retreat Bucharest team building Romania The location is easily accessible, but very well hidden on the shores of Lake Snagov, near the Snagov forest, where you can really feel the peace and the tranquility of this place, far away from the chaos of the city life. There are all sort of programs, including yoga and detox experiences combined with spa and wellbeing programs which induce total relaxation and vitality. The retreat has its own vegetables and greens garden which can be tasted in the restaurant’s menu, established with the help of a renown doctor in integrative nutrition.

Spa resort Romania incentive travel For an active holiday, very close to one of the oldest vineyards in Oltenia, Dragasani, there is a spa retreat offering many facilities for larger groups, the Forest retreat. With a dedicated team of yoga and fitness professionals, no one will be left behind.

Yoga for companies Romania The facilities of the Forest retreat& Spa are suitable for larger groups, team buildings which mix yoga, spa and wellbeing activities with visiting the best tourist attractions in the area. There are many old monasteries, dozens of hiking trails, caves, memorial houses, open air museums and wineries which are easily accessible by foot, bike or a short drive.

Team building locations Romania Atra doftana is another must try experience for group travel in close vicinity of Bucharest. The natural setting is dominated by “unspoiled” forests, alpine pastures and rare plants. It’s the sunniest region in Romania and the average annual temperature is + 10C, which makes it perfect for any type of outdoor activities.

Corporate travel Romania Atra Doftana has a great reputation due to its gourmet restaurant, which make it a gourmet destination with some local specialities unique in the country. Your body will be nourished with fresh salads, daring snacks creamy soups, organic meat based or vegetarian meals.

gourmet tours Romania Furthermore, Atra Doftana is a sought destination for any type of business travel. Besides yoga, you can try kayaking, windsurfing, biking and the off-road tracks where, along with your team, you can disconnect from everything. However, if you want to move the office in the mountains, you can consider the place as an opportunity to spend a day in a different working atmosphere: you can organise conferences and workshops in the main hall, which becomes the meeting room overlooking the holiday. Creativity always triumphs when it’s surrounded by nature.

Team building activities Romania Back in Transylvania, in Cluj, a young city which attracts many foreign businesses, our travel experts recommend SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort in Cluj, which is a safe environment for simple or complex procedures. The specialists have designed a circuit of yoga lessons combined with spa and wellbeing activities to see some immediate health benefits.

spa retreats Transylvania There are therapies and treatments to make anyone reconnect with their own senses. SunGarden resort is an oasis of tranquility and relaxation in the middle of Baciu forest, one of the most famous locations in the country. There are countless eyewitness testimonies that say that strange phenomena can be seen in this forest, such as unexplained physical sensations, observations of various lights, shapes and colours, strange shadows, hearing voices and human faces.

Incentive travel Romania Another exclusive site is Valea Verde Resort, located in Cund, Transylvania, in an ideal spot to explore Transylvanian wilderness, the charming Saxon villages and to treat your body and soul. Although it is not a specialised yoga retreat, Valea verde’s peaceful and inspiring atmosphere provides the background to practice the returning to oneself.

visit Transylvania Romania

The restored Saxon houses, the local food and wines and a great range of activities, make Valea Verde resort a destination which enables the reconnection with nature, to ourselves by learning again to listen, observe and stay present to our inner selves.

Mindfullness activities RomaniaFixTravel experts will come up with creative solutions for whatever challenges your team wants to embrace, developing personalised programs which mix yoga sessions with wellbeing treatments and outdoor activities for the best outcome.

Romania DMC We could not end our list of recommendations without mentioning the Green village resort in the Danube Delta, one of the most stunning wonders of the natural world. Perfect harmony with nature, this is the motto of this place. Green Village Resort is not only a part of nature but nature itself – the architecture retains the local character and all the materials are durable and 100% ecological.

Yoga in the Danube Delta Prepare to unwind surrounded by water, birds and boats. The yoga sessions will be completed by trips on the small channels of the Delta,bicycle rides, visiting the old fishermen village of Sfântu Gheorghe, the virgin beach of Black Sea, the old forests of the Delta and enjoying one of the most important birds heaven in Europe.

Yoga Romania Danube

If you and your team are looking for self-purification, relaxation, meditation and wellbeing and in an environment which will answer to your specific needs, look no further! Romania has options for small and large groups and our corporate travel experts will help you connect on many levels with all your senses and have productive and memorable experiences!

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