Bucharest or where to party in Eastern Europe

Bucharest or where to party in Eastern Europe

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Looking for one special destination for a bachelor or bachelorette party before the big day or a different kind of city with a truly, lively nightlife? If you’re still hungry for more fun after everyone goes to bed, you should look towards the East and come to Bucharest!

It’s no secret that Eastern Europe has the best partying scene in whole Europe, as many cities have become popular stag do or hen do destinations. However, as we are a destination management company with a young team, is our utmost pleasure to present you one of the best, if not quite the best, destinations in Eastern Europe for partying hard, but with style.

Bucharest Romania’s capital has a booming nightlife and it is indeed a city for pleasure as it was called by the New York Times journalists, who were amazed to discover the unexpected side of an ex-communist city. Although everyone has an opinion about Bucharest, most people agree with the fact that there is something special about the welcoming atmosphere, the posh clubs, the delicious cuisine and the partying style in Bucharest.

This is why many foreign companies are organizing events and big corporate parties in Bucharest or use Romania as a team building or an incentive travel destination  Furthermore, Bucharest started to be a group travel destination as part of the Eastern Europe tours, but in time, it has become a popular destination itself, where many tourists come back eager to enjoy the urban atmosphere or to discover more of what Romania generously offers.

In our Bucharest guide for partying we’re not going to mention the cultural heritage, the beauty of the interesting mix of Romanian architecture, or even try to present you the top tourist attractions, but an overview of some cool places to hang out with old and new friends, hip, simple or exquisite clubs, places to stop your hunger and taste the local wine and beer and also some fine restaurants for acquired tastes.

Best places to start the party

The Urbanist is an urban provider for ‘well-being’ and the insider’s guide for a lifestyle connected with the city, selective but not snobbish, intellectual, street-smart and definitely non-mainstream. It works as a denim & sneakers store and bar & café.

The urbanist Eastern Europe party destinationsThe Urbanist is also the starter of the Bucharest night parties, the pre-party hotspot from Thursday to Sunday, hosting some exclusive DJs and local artists.

Located in the luxurious residential area of northern Bucharest on the magnificent Herastrau Lake, La Brasserie is the place for a business lunch, romantic dinner or a night out with friends. Young people like it for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the diverse international menu, as La Brasserie offers the right ingredients for a perfect night: dinner, music, and dance; particularly on the special nights of Wednesday and Friday.

La brasserie Bucharest Eastern European partyOn the rooftop of Residence Hotel, 5 minutes from the Casin church, there is a romantic paradise called Astrodom. From here you can see a green and beautiful Bucharest, you can admire the most interesting shades of the sunset. On this romantic terrace, you can enjoy a drink with that special someone and is ideal for intimate conversations.

astrodom Bucharest partyUpstairs is a chic all year rooftop bar in a delightful settlement, offering fusion cuisine and world-class cocktails – tree main ingredients for a breathtaking skyline over Bucharest. You can admire the „Little Paris”, the electric and dramatic roof bar’s interior or the glamour and stylish night view.

upstairs Bucharest where to party in europe

Joben Bistro is the first to introduce the steampunk concept in Romania with its first open place in Cluj, which is considered one of the coolest bars in the world. Joben Bistro is a kind of art gallery with walls made of brick that are beautifully exposed all kinds of inventions of the nineteenth century. Besides steampunk nature details, Joben Bistro Bucharest is the place where the bartenders become magicians, and the cooks try to transform every dish into a creative story.

Joben Club Bucharest where to partyLoft is an awesome lounge that turns into a bar/club with an amazing partying atmosphere. If you want to show off your watches, cars, and wardrobe this is the perfect place to be in order to see and be seen, next to people that can easily afford 6 bottles of Don or Crystal at their table. Great bar, food is excellent and for the most part, they only close when the last tables are empty.

Loft clubbing BucharestLinea Closer to the Moon is based on the roof bar concept, one of newest in Bucharest in this category, inviting its guests to enjoy a delightful sunset view over Bucharest’s centre. Located on the top floors of the Victoria Store, it has 2 spaces: on the 4th floor, there is an indoor restaurant with a 250 seat capacity, while on the 5th floor of the building there is a superb terrace with a capacity of about 400 seats.

Linea-Closer-To-The-Moon Bucharest where to party

Paine si vin (Bread and Wine) is a cool and interesting gastropub/wine bar with a minimalist yet classic design and many racks with wine bottles. Most of the products used and served are from Romanian producers and on besides the impressive selection of wines collected from all wine regions of Romania, such as Dobrogea, Transylvania, Oltenia, Maramures, Banat, Moldova, people here make an incredible bread.

Paine si vin restaurant Bucharest where to party

Taste one of the best beers from Denmark in Bucharest! Mikkeller Bucharest is part of an international chain of micro-brewed breweries. The first Mikkeller brewery was opened by a math and physics teacher from Copenhagen. After winning a few awards at various craft beer festivals, his business grew. So he came to open the breweries in all sorts of strange places, such as Bucharest, Iceland or the Faroe Islands. In Bucharest, there are currently 20 draft beer options and over 10 styles (Belgian ale, brown ale, schwarzbier, etc.).

Mikkeller Bucharest where to party

Fix me a drink meets your curiosities about alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Space is minimalist and simple, lighted by the vivid colours of the outside garden. The bar menu invites the visitors to a good old tasting of botanical essences, where local and seasonal ingredients are added.

Fix me a drink Bucharets where to patyDuring warmer months, Deschis gastro bar is a beautiful place where you become more peaceful being closer to the sun or the moon. Located on the roof of the Bumbac Industry on Dambovita bank, Deschis (Open) was created to unite the community of active and creative people in an easy-going environment and to make the 500sqm of space available for beautiful ideas.

Deschis Gastrobar where to party in BucharestBest places to party

Bamboo surpasses any expectation and became famous all over the world, due to its extravagant architecture, original style, amazing dancing shows, great music, and famous local and international guest artists. In order to keep its clients intrigued, Bamboo has made it a policy to renovate its interior design every year, keeping up with modern trends in interior club design and state of the art sound technology, thus becoming a trendsetter and benchmark in clubbing and nightlife destinations. The stage was built by the same architectural team that built the stage of Moulin Rouge, San Remo Ariston Theatre and the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament.

Bamboo club where to party BucharestKulturhaus

Another of the great party and event venues in Bucharest is also Kulturhaus (“culture house”). The whole Kulturhaus concept was inspired by some of the best Berlin clubs. With some of the lowest prices in Bucharest, good music and good drinks, Kulturhaus attracts every weekend large crowds eager to have fun.

Kulturhaus Bucharest where to partyNuba Summervibes is an open bar and summer club located on Herastrau Lake shores. It’s posh, glamorous and sexy!

Nuba Buhcarest where to party EuropeIn Control club you can experience the same madness you can find on Lisbon’s streets, see in one place singers, actors, directors, people working in corporations with advertisers – relaxing on the terrace or dancing like madmen in the big hall. It’s not about space, about music or about decoration – Control has come to be a state of mind. Besides that, it brings some of the finest bands of alternative, jazz and rock music (Efterklang, The Tiger Lillies, Swans, We have band, Chinawoman), plus a very cool atmosphere on the summer terrace.

Club Control Bucharest where to party EuropePlayer Club is one of the top glam places in Bucharest to experience the legendary Eastern European nightlife and some unique pool parties by summer.

Player Club Bucharest where to party in EuropeMojo Music Club is a live music and karaoke sports pub in the Bucharest Old Town. It is a great place to enjoy drinks in a lively and fun atmosphere. It is one of the party poles of Bucharest Old City Centre.

Mojo Bucharest Where to party EuropeBOA (Beat of Angels) makes also to the top of glam party destinations in Eastern Europe. High entertainment, good music, and a great atmosphere.

BOA Bucharest where to party in Europe

Expirat Club is another cool place to go out and one of the first clubs in Bucharest for alternative music. A lot of concerts, cool design, good drinks, and good food. The terrace is quite spacious, surrounded by greenery and freshly made furniture, with a minimalist design.

Expirat Club Bucharest where to party in EuropeExpirat Halele Carol can host both indoor and outdoor events and is similar in aspect and logistics to the Melkweg Oude Zaal in Amsterdam. It is the most popular open-format club in Bucharest.

Gaia is a fashion club for fashionable people. Gaia is a glamorous and a trendsetter club, one of the places that gathers fashion influencers and young people who are attracted by good music, high-class atmosphere, and long parties.

Gaia Club Bucharest where to partyEl Dictador is located in the heart of the historical centre and hidden in the generous basement of a 150 years old imposing building. Get into the bunker, go through the catacombs, follow the railroad track, and wherever you go, the dictators of the world will watch you: Ceausescu, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, Franco. Drinks and music and a merry atmosphere for a dictatorship club!

El Dictador Bucharest where to party in EuropeFratelli is a cool combination between the old lounge and Club, with industrial metallic structure and wood plated walls, and a fresh, colourful, street look. It’s perfect for a crazy night out. Fratelli is preferred by people in their 30s, but it is welcoming for all ages. Many Romanian celebrities chose this club, as well as some of the best looking people in town.

Fratelli Bucharest Where to party in EuropeKristal Glam Club is regarded as one of the best venues in Romania and Eastern Europe and has consistently appeared in DJmag’s Top 100 Clubs since 2005. Focusing mainly on electronic music events, it has hosted renowned artists and it is the place for legendary electro-techno-house parties.

Kristal Bucharest where to party in EuropeAfter all the partying, you can go and delight your tastes with some fine places, bistros and restaurants, pubs and hubs.

Best places for hungry party rockers

Energiea is an urban pub and a hub, where you can test a healthy and delicious contemporary kitchen – whether it’s brunch, lunch, dinner or just a snack. You can also enjoy a cool beer with friends or you watch the freshest cultural happenings, live shows and performances. Energiea has been preserving the spirit of the famous 1920s printing house holding the same name and occupying the same space, both in design and in functionality.

Energiea Bucharest Eastern Europe ToursShift lives in a large house; downstairs is the bar and a couple of intimate rooms, decorated in a pleasant and cosy style, combining a slight oriental inspiration with a bit of retro steampunk. The shady, green, flower-friendly terrace is the piece of resistance besides the generous menu with plenty of delicious options for hungry people.

Shift Bucharest DMC

The Alt Shift pub offers the same food in a different location in Bucharest. Space is divided into three halls, and the windows point to the Green Terrace of the Control Club. It has an industrial urban air and it has a Berlin-esque atmosphere.

Alt Shift Bucharest DMCStadio is a cool restaurant and bar, a getaway in a cinematic universe with good food, a sporty look that looks, pleasant for both men and ladies. You have at least 3 reasons to go and visit Stadio: the place looks very good, the food is served in a cool manner and the most important, the taste of its Italian dishes.

Stadio Restaurant DMC BucharestSocial 1 is a restaurant and bar, with a smart casual menu, containing international dishes reinterpreted by local chefs. The healthy mix of ingredients, the local products can become an inspiration for food aficionados.

Bucharest brunch DMC BucharestBarrio is accommodated in a splendid villa with a generous garden. Restaurant Villa Barrio has a Mediterranean profile and it’s in a unique location in the historical centre of Bucharest. The menu, carefully chosen by the Chef Catana, the well-designed location and the enchanting atmosphere make Barrio a different location than other restaurants of the same specificity.

Barrio Bucharest DMC Eastern Europe

Point is an independent cultural hub, with a rich program exploring artistic creations, interdisciplinary performances, participative and a menu matching its interests. The menu is quite artistic. Created with skill by the two chefs, Costi Dragan and Floris Agafiţei, it is constantly changing, at every two weeks, depending on the season. The freshness of the fruits and vegetables of each season becomes the solid basis for the chefs‘ playground which reinterprets Romanian and international dishes in an haute cuisine manner.

Point Bucharest DMCSardin is one chic restaurant, a cool Italian restaurant with a cool chef, the finest design and some of the best Lambrusco. The location is absolutely spectacular, perfectly combining simplicity with unconventional, and the vibe makes you lose the notion of time. Sardin is a restaurant with Mediterranean air and a responsible and delicious kitchen.

Sardin Bucharest DMCYou will find Kane restaurant in a space that communicates directly with the city through large windows, geometric and minimalist design, awaits you with a fantastic menu – one for breakfast & lunch and one for dinner. The menu has many Asian dishes and is one of the best representatives of the New Romanian Cuisine in Bucharest.

Kane Bucharest DMCGo to Simbio if you are a breakfast person! With an open kitchen is open, so you can always what is cooking, you will be spoiled with fresh ingredients. The best part is that breakfast can be enjoyed anytime you want. The lunch menu, from Monday to Friday, changes every day, and dinner is made using seasonal ingredients.

Simbio Bucharest DMCChef Zoran was born in Rijeka, a town on the Croatian coast, just a few minutes from well-known Istria, the truffles’ peninsula. His mother led the fish market of the city, so Zoran grew up surrounded by Mediterranean culinary delights, wines and, most importantly, Croatian fresh fish and seafood. Now all these can be found at Fish House in Bucharest.

Fish House Bucharest DMCE3 by Entourage means primarily socializing. E3 by Entourage is a restaurant – café – bar, a very good club in Floreasca, where there is plenty of room for all. Here you can eat well, sit comfortably with a coffee or a cocktail. This is a place for eating, talking, drinking and sharing!

E3 Bucharest DMC

Caju is a casual brasserie, developed by Joseph Hadad, a chef aiming to bring in Bucharest the tastes of his childhood, with strong North African influences. The name is symbolic, representing Joseph’s passion for gastronomy. The menu includes about 40 dishes divided between cold snacks, hot snacks, main course and some dessert recipes created by the chef, the intention being to cover as many different tastes as possible using the flavours and spices specific to the Mediterranean cuisine.

Caju Bucharest DMC Eastern EuropeUanderful is a wonderful restaurant with “discrete” kitchen, inviting to culinary explorations. Expect a European and South American eclectic mix, boosted with Asian street food, including exquisite Japanese steaks in the fabulous Robata grill, or the best Indian Naan bread, baked in the special Tandoor oven. The Uanderful philosophy is based on serving delicious dishes designed for sharing with others at a table, avoiding the classical “starter-main course” structure.

Uanderful Bucharest DMCFratellini is about everyday Chic, a classic and friendly bistro in the north of the city. Fratellini Bistro is a good daytime choice for breakfast or lunch, or “five o’clock tea”, the perfect destination for business meetings or friends. The concept combines all the details, from abundant natural light, classic lines with modern minimalist design elements, the sensation of French and Italian bistros, in an atmosphere that relaxes and at the same time delights the senses.

Fratellini Bucharest DMC Eastern EuropeBiutiful by the lake is a very modern, very fresh restaurant with vintage accents that reminds the 1950s American eateries, with a breathtaking view of Herastrau Lake. Biutiful by the lake is a place to chill, a place that brings together the best of the two worlds as if the seaside feeling on the lake’s shore would meet the hot life of the busy city.

Biutiful by the lake Bucharest DMCFor the party people with exquisite tastes, we recommend two restaurants in Bucharest: Maize, the first farm to table restaurant and the winner of the Gault& Millau guide for 2018 and the best restaurant. Maize is inventive, seasonal, surprising and offers exquisite combinations of modern Romanian cuisine. The head chef of Maize is also time part of the famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

Maize Bucharest DMCKaiamo, is another new farm to table restaurant, which uses its chefs to prepare a particular form of cuisine. With values built around Mother Nature, and having a core focus the passion for gastronomy and respect for local produce and artisans, Kaiamo is another delightful destination for gourmet lovers.

Kaiamo Bucharest DMCMahala also offers contemporary Romanian food. It is an urban, hipster place, but traditional roots. The dishes are quite fancy, with traditional Romanian recipes presented in an urban interpretation (the dessert also includes coliva aka the commemoration cake for Eastern Orthodox Church)

Mahala Bucharest DMCIn order to better understand the new Romanian cuisine, you should taste the original, the traditional one. Besides our recommendations for Romanian food in the Old Town of Bucharest, you should also try:

Crama Domneasca (The Lord’s Cellar) stands up to the standards promised by its pretentious name. The atmosphere is very pleasant, managing to combine a specific Romanian with a medieval impression. Yummy dishes and an impeccable music. Its own band consisting of four instrumentalists (bones, double bass, violin and accordion) plays from classical music to Edith Piaf and Take That.

Crama Domneasca Bucharest DMC

Hanul lui Manuc or Manuc’s Inn story begins in 1806. It was built like no other inn of its time, and it distinguished itself from the other city-fortresses with its unique architecture. At Manuc Inn’s Restaurant, you find everything you need: excellent food, great atmosphere, live music and more. It is a place where you can have special culinary experiences in a wonderful historical venue.

Manuc Inn Bucharest DMCCasa Doina is an “on the road” invitation for a unique culinary experience in a traditional luxury restaurant. Originally designed to serve as a pavilion for the grand exhibitions of 1890 Paris Exhibition, called “The Buffet at the Road” by Ion Mincu, this location becomes soon the preferred place of the Bucharest high class. In 2003, the buffet transforms into the current Casa Doina Restaurant, which preserves the same specific old air of Little Paris of the East.

Casa Doina Bucharest DMCFor great meals and breathtaking views over Bucharest:

Nor (Cloud) restaurant is the highest place to enjoy your meal in Bucharest. It opened in May 2017 and the food is delicious, their dishes look absolutely brilliant, and the view … must be seen!

Nor Bucharest DMC18 Lounge is the place for a relaxing dinner, to entertain a group of clients or to host a business event. Named after its floor number, 18 invites you with a unique blend of cuisine, music, design and a stunning view of the city skyline, Herastrau Lake and Kiseleff Boulevard.

18 lounge Bucharest DMC

Throughout the years, there have been some certain key-things that ranked Romania on highest positions of different international tops. Among those things, there can be easily mentioned the legendary Dracula’s castle, the great performances of the sportsmen, the beauty of the women and nevertheless the amazing nightlife.

We think that Bucharest is generous with anyone, no matter the age or the interests. Plus, our team is ready to help you organise a perfect holiday for smaller or larger groups of people, either is a bachelor or bachelorette party, a corporate meeting, a team building, a tour or a corporate event. Let us FIX your trip to Bucharest!

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