Iasi DMC
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Iasi DMC

Located in the North East of Romania, Iasi has been for centuries the most important political, economic, social and cultural centre in Moldavia, a historical region of Romania. Stretching over seven gentle hills (Cetăţuia, Galata, Copou, Bucium-Păun, Şorogari, Repedea and Breazu), the city was called by the Italian traveller Marco…

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Castles to rent Romania
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Castels, Palaces and Mansions in Romania 

Romania is not the first destination one would think about when looking to rent a castle, a palace or a mansion for an event. However, this Eastern European destination is home for over 150 castles, each with its own authentic flavour and legends. There are also many other mansions, inns…

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birdwatching danube delta
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Birdwatching in the Danube Delta

The Danube is a shelter for thousands of birds. Most species are found in the two UNESCO biosphere reserves in Romania: the Danube Delta and the Iron Gates Park. The Danube Delta is a wetland heaven for birdwatchers. Its rich natural heritage represented both by the unique vegetation, and the…

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Danube river cruises
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Danube River Cruises

The Danube river, also known as the Amazon of Europe, offers breathtaking landscapes, a specific flora and fauna with an exotic touch in its amazing Delta. On its way from the Black Forest Mountains to the Black Sea, the Danube travels 2,850 kilometres, covering half of Europe. No wonder that…

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team building Discover Bucharest
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Bucharest Team Building: Discover the city

As a Romanian destination management company, we are used to receive all kind of challenging requests from our long term and new customers when it comes to organising the rightteam building which will help them meet their ambitious objectives. However, this urban team building is very close to our hearts.…

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Golf Bulgaria Romania
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Top golf resorts in Bulgaria & Romania

Golf is a wonderful combination of sports, nature, relaxation and networking. Considered one of the most exclusive sports in the world, golf has started to gain an increasing popularity in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria golf courses Bulgaria has been the first one to open some of the best golf courses in…

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danube delta destinations
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Romania’s destinations: Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a tourist destination that yearly attracts tourists from all over the world to discover its natural wonders. The delta has so much to offer, an exotic territory of 2681 square kilometres of water and land, one of the few places in Europe where the wild and…

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Cluj DMC
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Cluj DMC

Cluj Napoca / Koloszvar / Klausenburg is the the second largest city in Romania, the heart and the official capital of Transylvania. Recognised as the most important university centre in the country and a truly cosmopolitan city, Cluj-Napoca has a special youthful and cultural vibe, due to the multitude of…

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Wildlife Tours Romania
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Romania holidays: Wildlife tours

A borderland of European’s civilization, due to its unique position Romania has managed to keep its old traditions, legends and more important its wild nature. Although it’s one of last untouched regions in Europe, when it comes to holidays in Romania most tourists don’t even consider to go on a…

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MICE Romania
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Corporate events: Business annual conference & Gala Dinner in Bucharest

A corporate event should be memorable, fun and reach its goals. How do you organise a perfect corporate event which is nor dull, nor just a simple party? How do you reach the perfect balance between communicating your new business objectives and making sure your audience is not bored, but…

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