Bucharest synagogues
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Jewish Bucharest

The Jews appeared sporadically on the territory of today’s Romania since the Middle Ages, in general as doctors and chemists at the courts of the rulers of the Romanian principalities. In the 16th century, groups of jew immigrants came from Greece and Turkey, driven out from Spain. These merchants settled…

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Best summer bachelor destination 2018
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Europe’s new best summer bachelor destination in 2018

Many European cities are established as popular stag do and hen do destinations. If you are planning a summer bachelor/bachelorette party, you will soon realise that the list narrows down to the same locations such as Ibiza, Tenerife or Mykonos. It’s time to try a new and exciting destination for…

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trekking&hiking in Romania
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Why is Romania a great team building destination

Affordable, group-welcoming and never-failing to deliver, Romania has become year by year a more powerful destination for meetings, incentive travel and team buildings! If you are looking for new, exciting places – within your budget – to take your staff, board members or partners look no further! Its proximity to…

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Bucharest DMC. Top MICE Destinations Europe
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Bucharest DMC. Top destination for meetings, events and incentive travel

Bucharest, the busy and vibrant capital of Romania has lately become one of the top Romanian destinations for many DMC companies worldwide. Located in Eastern Europe, known as “little Paris” or more recently as the “new Berlin”, Bucharest can boast with its wide boulevards, an interesting architectural mix, old churches,…

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Budapest vs Bucharest spa and wellness retreats
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Budapest and Bucharest. Wellness & Spa Retreats

Bucharest and Budapest are the capitals of the two neighbouring countries: Romania and Hungary. Due to their similar names, they have been confused one for the other since the beginning of time. Although they sound similar, Bucharest and Budapest could not be more different. However, our travel experts have decided…

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top group travel destinations in Romania
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Top Group Travel destinations in Romania

Our group travel programs will unveil our creative and authentic touch. Group travel with Fix is more than fun, it’s group fun! We create unforgettable travel experiences for small and big groups, at some of the most competitive rates of the Romanian tours’ market. We are a destination management company…

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Mamaia, The Black Sea Pearl
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Mamaia is the new Black, the Black Sea Pearl

Mamaia is the ultimate, most favourite summer destination in Romania. Due to its proximity to Constanta city, being 25 kms away from the airport and only 2,5 hours drive from Bucharest it is first of all easily reachable. Nevertheless, the reasons for which Mamaia has become the Romanian seaside Pearl,…

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Romanian DMC
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Why Choose a DMC company (destination management company) ?

Travelling is supposed to be fun, entertaining and easy. Almost everybody can make travel arrangements for himself, but the situation changes dramatically when dealing with a group of people. Even for organising the travel details for a small groups, a novice becomes more and more aware of the importance of…

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Bucharest Old Town
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Bucharest, The” New” Old Town

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the top Romanian destinations. If you’re planning to visit Romania your trip will most likely start and end with Bucharest, who has become in the last years a major attraction. With its stunning mismatch of architecture and a flamboyant night life,…

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Dracula castle, Romania
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Dracula’s Castle at your Service

Many of us have dreamed about visiting the legendary Dracula’s castle, but what if we tell you that you can have all the castle to yourself? If you do have the courage to experience a private tour of Dracula’s castle, to have a memorable dinner, a private party or even…

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